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Lollapalooza 2010 Line-up Revealed Wheel of Fortune style

Posted by teibs On March - 31 - 2010

@ZackTeibloom Monday Update:

Soundgarden – Green Day – Lady Gaga – Arcade Fire – The Strokes- Phoenix

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American Idol Top Ten Finalists Compete

Posted by shore On March - 30 - 2010

idoltopten@AndyShore Last week was a lot of odd song choices and disappointing performances. There were a few bright spots. Siobhan Magnus and Crystal Bowersox continue to stand out amongst the girls. I also dug Casey James’ Huey Lewis cover. Big Mike was good again, and should be even better for R&B night. Sooner of later, Tim Urban is going to go home. Didi Benami might be soon behind him. It appears Katie Stevens might be ticketed for the same fate. Usher is the mentor tonight. Anybody who isn’t an Usher fan is just lying to themselves. Let’s take it back to ’97 before we get into tonight’s American Idol. Read the rest of this entry »

Lollapalooza 2010 Pre-sale and projected line-up

Posted by teibs On March - 30 - 2010

lolla@ZackTeibloom Our hometown festival has yet to announce their line-up, but that doesn’t mean they won’t sell out early tickets as soon as they come out. Today you get the chance to buy 3-day tickets for $190. As always, a chunk of the line-up has leaked. It’s all but confirmed that the headliners will be Gaga, Green Day, Soundgarden, The Strokes, and Arcade Fire. Quick reaction: Gahhh, please don’t do the musical, hai 90s rawk, Stroke-worthy indeed, and fire is appropriate to describe their show. I’m thrilled to have Dirty Projectors back on the festival circuit. As much as I hated on Lolla last year and have little interest in Gaga, 3-days of Lolla is a must. I’ve been there 5 years straight and will surely make it 6. Here’s the projected  line-up and where to go to get tickets: Read the rest of this entry »

Phish 3D Trailer

Posted by teibs On March - 25 - 2010

American Idol One of 11 Voted Off

Posted by shore On March - 24 - 2010

idolelevenresults@AndyShore Yesterday I wrote that Tim Urban, Paige Miles and Didi Benami were in the bottom 3. Andrew Garcia can just as easily be on that list, but I hope he gets another shot. Those four were bad enough that I don’t think I have to worry about any of the talented singers going home. I’ve been wrong before though. Not exactly looking forward to Miley Cyrus performing tonight, but she wasn’t terrible as a mentor. Disney is in full force tonight, with Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas are also performing. Hope the jokes are good tonight. I got a nap in after work, so I should be fresh. Read the rest of this entry »

American Idol Top 11 Finalists Perform

Posted by shore On March - 23 - 2010

idoltopeleven@AndyShore I am not all that upset with Lacey Brown getting voted off last week. There are worse performers left in this competition, but she was not going to win it all. Paige Miles and Tim Urban have got to go. Katie Stevens has been in the bottom too often as well. I like Andrew Garcia, but I’m afraid to say he might not be in this competition for the long haul. The theme this week is Billboard’s #1 Hits. Everyone should have a chance to pick a song from the genre of their liking. It will also be a good chance to see who the artists see them being like. A getting to know the American Idol Top 11, if you will. Read the rest of this entry »

Jazz Fest 2010 Schedule Grid announced

Posted by teibs On March - 23 - 2010

jazzy@ZackTeibloom Finding out the hour by hour scheduling of a festival is equally exciting and frustrating. In some cases, it can be more frustrating as the overlaps you feared come to haunt you. We’ve got of overlaps 2nd weekend of Jazz Fest. Sunday is a cruel bitch. Van Morrison and The Dead Weather playing at the exact same time. OK, there’s a 10-minute overlap, but if you think I’m going to 10 minutes of Van (who will likely be 10 minutes late anyway) to NOT get a good spot for The Dead Weather, you’re crazy.

So, what to do when those two end? Make a tough decision between the next three acts. The Neville Brothers, B.B. King and Richie Havens. @Samifest insists there’s always tough conflicts at Jazz Fest, but this seems especially cruel. I’m so enraged with the Van Morrison/Dead Weather conflict that I’m turning it over to Kappel for the five other conflicts that have him wondering where he’ll be sippin’ on strawberry lemonade. I analyzed the 2nd weekend first since that’s the one Festival Crashers will be attending.

Sure, this is driving us crazy now, but at least it’s win-win. And if anyone underwhelms us, we have options. And they’re damn good. Read the rest of this entry »

Ben Folds Chat Roulette

Posted by teibs On March - 23 - 2010

All the #SXSWIN fit to print

Posted by teibs On March - 22 - 2010

win@ZackTeibloom I tried my hand at creating a hash tag for SXSW in Austin this week. Any time I came across a tweet that looked like a win, I’d slap a #SXSWIN tag on it and RT it. A lot of win happened this week. Collectively we stole pop tarts from passed out dudes with moustaches, harassed Micha Barton, had a lot of free alcohol, loaded up on wristbands, found out some musicians were as cool as we’d always hoped, got things out of our orifices, had some more free drinks, crashed a few parties, discovered shows in parking lots and found things and ourselves along the way. It was SXSW 2010. A week full of WIN.

  • @fluxistrad I don’t think there is a single photo of me from last week. Whew!
  • @jennifersinski: Woke up to a living room of dudes with mustaches. Stole a Pop Tart from them.
  • @ddmauch: Headed to Emo’s for my 1st day of#sxsw – gza, fucked up,japandroids, & free beer? Why ever leave Austin?
  • @FestivalCrasherstubbs lineup is walkmen, broken bells, Sharon jones and dap kings, spoon. @McGonigleATX
  • @FestivalCrasherWhen Sharon jones kicks her shoes off, it’s so on. She found a deep pocket and got funky all over it.

24 Hours at SXSW 2010

Posted by teibs On March - 21 - 2010

24@ZackTeibloom 24 hours of SXSW. The final day. I had blisters going in. I haven’t slept since it ended. What happened in between? Too much.

12:00 a.m. “Are you a birthday candle? No? That’s too bad. I wanted to blow you until all my wishes came true.” That’s Kristen Schaal giving advice on how to pick up a hipster guy at SXSW. She’s decked out in a whoopie cushion costume and fake moustache before later changing into her “Queef Queen” dress. I have a feeling she spent some time in Austin’s Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds costume shop.

12:30 a.m. @ZackTeibloom “You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Tig (from Sarah Silverman Program) do a clown horn impression.”

1:00 a.m. Walking back to the car after Todd Barry ends our stand-up set at Esther’s Follies. I glance down an alley and see a girl pulling up her pants after peeing, a stray dog and a pirate? I’m pretty sure I saw at least two of those. I need to get to bed immediately. Read the rest of this entry »

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