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American Idol Top 10 Guys Compete

Posted by shore On March - 2 - 2010

idoltoptenguys@AndyShore The performances were sub par from both sexes last week. Very few, if any, contestants shined in their big stage debuts. The top ten girls were supposed to perform tonight, but a mystery illness from Crystal Bowersox threw a cog in that plan. The guys are going a night early, with the hopes that Bowersox will be healthy enough to go tomorrow. Andrew Garcia disappointed last week, and not because he chose to sing Fall Out Boy. His performance just wasn’t that great. Hopefully he will redeem himself this week.

8:04 Ellen took the live opportunity of Seacrest asking if she ever missed a show to discuss missing American Gladiators after it left the air.

8:06 Big Mike Lynche is curling Aaron Kelly and said he can Bench 3-4 Seacrest’s depending on the suit he’s wearing. He’s singing “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” I barely liked Seal’s cover, and Big Mike never stood a chance. Despite being a gigantor of a human being, he does not have a big enough voice to cover this song. That being said, this is actually his best performance to date. The judges loved it. I think he set the bar low for himself, to make his decent performances sound better.

8:17 John Park was terrible last week. Bad song choice, bad performance. He’s off to a better start with his song choice alone. “Gravity” should be more in his wheel house. He sounds much better than last week, but his vocal runs are not spectacular. His big notes didn’t blow me away. The judges all agree. Better performance, but no soul.

8:30 Casey James looks like he’s wearing a garbage bag. He’s manning the electric guitar and singing Gavin Degraw’s “I Don’t Wanna Be.” His voice was good, but the guitar was better. I actually think it was worse than last week. Just not as unique of a performance. Tonight he was every guy. Kara called him a great lead guitar player. Simon agrees with me.

8:40 Alex Lambert is dressed like an extra from Animal House. He’s singing John Legend “Everybody Knows” and playing an acoustic. He’s better than last week, but I still think Bluto would smash his guitar.

8:53 Todrick Hall is singing Tina Turner “What’s Love Got To Do With It.” Was this make outfits from what you find in the kitchen night? He’s got the aluminum foil blazer going on. The judges see more in him than he’s offering up and are not pleased.

9:06 Jermaine Sellers is singing “What’s Going On.” He’s cornballing this one a bit too much, and you don’t do that to Marvin Gaye. He’s not worried. Jesus is his homeboy.

9:17 Andrew Garcia is a break dancer. Who knew? Tonight he’s singing James Morrison “You Give Me Something.” He sounds much better than last week. This song suits his voice so much better. There’s a bit of soul, and a bit of grit to it tonight. Unlike Big Mike, Andrew Garcia set the bar too high for himself with that Paula Abdul cover. His good performances aren’t good enough for them anymore.

9:30 Aaron Kelly is singing “My Girl.” He better have some more confidence tonight, because you need some cojones to sing the Temptations. That was not very good. Pitchy and rough.

9:40 Tim Urban is singing “C’mon Get Higher.” He’s not very good, yet he keeps passing more talented contestants.

9:5 Lee Dewyze is singing “Lips of an Angel” by Hinder. Tonight he sounds more like a rock singer than Chad Kroeger dropping a deuce. The best performance of the night. No doubt. Simon thinks he may be the one to beat. Can’t disagree after that showing.

Top 2: Lee Dewyze and Casey James’s guitar playing

Bottom 2: Aaron Kelly and Tim Urban

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