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American Idol Top 10 Girls Compete

Posted by shore On March - 3 - 2010

idolgirlstopten@AndyShore There are still very few stars in this competition after last night. Lee Dewyze stood out above the rest. Andrew Garcia was solid and we saw much improved performances out of Big Mike Lynche and Alex Lambert. Hopefully the girls can step it up a little more than the guys did. The producers kept saying all day long that if Crystal Bowersox wasn’t well enough to perform, she would be disqualified and only one girl would go home. They drew it out long enough to create suspense, but Seacrest Tweeted earlier that she would perform. It would have been a shame if she had to go home without putting up a fight.

8:07 Crystal Bowersox was in the hospital and now is on the big stage singing CCR “Long As I Can See The Light.” The Dude abides. What a gutsy performance. At times she sounds like she can’t hear herself, but even those times she makes it sound ok. Her voices stands out among the girls and the guys. Randy, Ellen and Kara are all blown away. She made Simon say “misunderestimated.”

8:16 Haeley Vaughn is singing Miley Cyrus “The Climb.” This girl is terrible. She has got to go. Randy called it excruciating. He also called Haeley and Ellen “man,” so take that for what it’s worth. Simon said there’s a certain irony in singing a song about climbing, because she fell off. He beat me to the song title pun.

8:27 Lacey Brown is singing “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer. What up 1997! Otherwise known as the year I became a man in the eyes of my religion. I’d champagne snowball with Lacey after that performance. Better than last week. Kara just said “happy smiley people.”

8:39 Katie Stevens is singing “Put Your Records On.” I think she’s pretty good, but the judges aren’t buying it

8:55 Didi Benami is singing Bill Withers “Lean on Me.” I think she’s awesome. I really dig her voice. She doesn’t hit many big notes, but what she does in her register is great. The judges don’t agree.

9:04 Michelle Delamor is singing Creed “With Arms Wide Open.” I don’t think there is any way I will like this song. It’s more fun to do Scott Stapp impressions than it is to listen to Creed covers. Split decision from the judges.

9:10 Seacrest is on a first name basis with Vera Wang, but don’t you kinda have to be?

9:14 Lilly Scott is singing “A Change Is Gonna Come.” Sam Cooke is one of the most iconic voices of all time. I’ve like most everything she has done to this point, but I’m not confident in this song choice. Strumming the 12-string, she sounds as good as ever. It’s not the major vocal performance that Cooke puts on, but it’s a good cover. Kara said she was riveted.

9:27 Katelyn Epperly is singing Coldplay “The Scientist.” She’s tickling the ivories tonight too. She sounds better than she ever has, but she still doesn’t stand out. Her performances don’t wow. She went for the big finish and fell way flat.

9:38 Paige Miles is singing Kelly Clarkson “Walk Away.” She sounds better than last week, but she’s still not my favorite. The judges see more in her than I do.

9:50 Siobhan Magnus is singing Aretha Franklin “Think.” I thought Lilly Scott would take on the biggest voice of the night, but Aretha takes the cake. Wow. She’s hitting Aretha’s deeper notes and isn’t getting pitchy when she goes high either. She’s nailing the big notes too. Best performance of the night.

Top 2. Siobhan Magnus, Crystal Bowersox

Bottom 2: Haeley Vaughn, Katelyn Epperly

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