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American Idol Top 12 Finalists Compete

Posted by shore On March - 16 - 2010

idoltoptwelve@AndyShore It’s been weeks of auditions, Hollywood week and sub par performances, but they have finally trimmed all the fat. It’s the 12 twelve. At least the top 12 according to the tween girls that vote for American Idol. Lilly Scott and Alex Lambert going home last week was sad. Neither deserved to go, and it shouldn’t be the last we hear from either. Of the contestants left, I’m rooting for Crystal Bowersox and Siobhan Magnus from the girls. There’s not a clear cut favorite from the guys anymore. Casey James has been consistently the best, but I still also like Lee Dewyze and Andrew Garcia to go deep into the competition. I’m quite excited for the Rolling Stones themed night. I hope the contestants don’t disappoint.

8:06 That’s the first time I recall seeing Big Mike Lynche’s wife. That is NOT what I expected her to look like. I pictured some Amazonian woman. He’s singing “Miss You” and showing us the falsetto he aptly displayed last week. He made this his own. It barely sounded like a a Stones song anymore. I wasn’t on the Big Mike bandwagon early on, but that may change after these last two performances.

8:17 Didi Benami is singing “Play With Fire.” I do like her voice. The problem is Lilly Scott did that voice better.

8:24 Casey James is singing “It’s All Over Now” and playing the electric guitar again. It’s a little more on the country side of the blues than the Stones ever got, but that’s not a bad thing. He didn’t let the guitar get in the way of his voice and his voice had the raw soulful quality that’s made him stand out.

8:34 Lacey Brown is singing “Ruby Tuesday.” It might just be that she’s singing the Rolling Stones, but this is the first performance of Lacey’s I’ve really liked. There was a brown note here and there.

8:45 Andrew Garcia get’s his emotion from his father. He’s singing “Gimme Shelter.” That’s a tough pick. You need to knock this out of the park or get destroyed by the judges. The arrangement is terrible and despite decent flashes of his voice, it wasn’t a good performance.

8:56 Katie Stevens is singing “Wild Horses.” I am just not a fan of hers. To me, this sounds awful. The judges liked it.

9:06 Tim Urban is singing “Under My Thumb.” I got to laugh at the fact that he was mistaken as a girl when he was young. That makes me feel better about him still being around. He sounds like Jason Mraz on his worst day, trying to cover the Stones. Go home Tim Urban.

9:6 Siobhan Magnus is singing “Paint It Black.” She’s nailed big songs the last two weeks. I don’t expect this to be any different. There were moments when I didn’t love it, but it was another solid performance from Siobhan. She she dropped jaws with some of those notes at the end.

9:28 Lee Dewyze is singing “Beast of Burden.” I think this is a great song choice for his voice. Suits it much better than Owl City. Kara has a female boner for Lee Dewyze too. She just said “tremendous growth.”

9:37 Paige Miles has not been one of my favorits. Tonight she’s singing “Honky Tonk Woman.” I liked the low end of her voice, but not the high end. Dug the arrangement too.

9:43 Something dawned on me during Aaron Kelly’s montage. Almost every single performer tonight talked about how they were from a small town. The producers must not have come up with many talking cues this week. He’s singing “Angie.” Another semi random thought. Nobody has done their best Jagger.

9:53 Crystal Bowersox is singing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” I don’t think this was her best performance, and maybe not even the best song she could have chosen. It was solid and she’s still one of the favorites.

Top 3: Siobhan Magnus, Big Mike, Crystal Bowersox

Bottom 3: TIM URBAN, Katie Stevens, Andrew Garcia

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