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American Idol Top 11 Finalists Perform

Posted by shore On March - 23 - 2010

idoltopeleven@AndyShore I am not all that upset with Lacey Brown getting voted off last week. There are worse performers left in this competition, but she was not going to win it all. Paige Miles and Tim Urban have got to go. Katie Stevens has been in the bottom too often as well. I like Andrew Garcia, but I’m afraid to say he might not be in this competition for the long haul. The theme this week is Billboard’s #1 Hits. Everyone should have a chance to pick a song from the genre of their liking. It will also be a good chance to see who the artists see them being like. A getting to know the American Idol Top 11, if you will.

8:04 Simon just spit every single stereotypical metaphor back at Kara: “It’s like a journey, a peak, a high, a valley, a mountain, a lake…”

8:07 WTF!?! Miley Cyrus is the mentor for American Idol. I feel like most of the top 11 is older than here. I’d be offended. Billy Ray would be more appropriate.

8:10 Lee Dewyze is singing “The Letter.” I like the arrangement a lot. I think he sounds great vocally. Although, it’s putting a rock voice on what, to me, should sound more like Michael Buble. It’s certainly better than when he tried to sing Owl City. Kara, Randy and Ellen all loved it. Simon did not. I’m more on Simon’s side than the others. Ellen’s favorite pen may be back, but I doubt she wants to be a member of the pen15 club.

8:20 Miley mentioned how beautiful Paige Miles was, before she said anything about her voice. Paige is singing “Against All Odds.” She’s been really bad in previous weeks, but this might take the cake. There was not one single moment that was good. This is probably the end for Paige Miles. Randy’s exact dialogue began like this: “Hi. How Are You? Hahaha. Uhhh. Yo. Man. Yo. Wow. Uhhhh. Really? Honestly?”

8:31 Tim Urban is singing Queen “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” I think Miley abused her privilege as a mentor to get a hug from Tim. This performance is bad. At times it sounds like a bad fat Elvis impersonator.

8:42 Aaron Kelly has lost his voice. I don’t think he needed any help being bad, but being sick won’t help. He’s singing “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing.” What up 7th grade! Maybe getting sick is what he needs. This is the first time I’ve enjoyed a performance from Aaron Kelly. Even the random country twangs thrown in didn’t bother me too much.

8:51 Crystal Bowersox singing “Me and Bobby McGee” is almost too obvious. That being said, holy f&#*. The breakdown at the end was insane. Crystal heard Simon’s warning and put him in his place.

9:01 Big Mike Lynche is singing “When a Man Loves a Woman.” This will accentuate what I’ve liked from his voice the last few weeks. It was good throughout, but great at the end. He needs to stick with the R&B tunes.

9:11 Andrew Garcia is singing “I Heard it Through the Grapevine.” He butchered the Rolling Stones last week. I hope he doesn’t do that to Marvin Gaye too. It wasn’t as bad as last week, but still not great. Andrew might be in trouble. Simon said, “You sucked…the soul out of that song.” With just enough of a pause to make his point.

9:22 Katie Stevens is singing “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” She sounded better before she tried to pick it up. It was much better than her last few. The judges are all much more impressed than I was.

9:33 Casey James is singing “Power of Love.” Do you like Huey Lewis and the News? Their early work was a little too new wave for my taste… Commercially and artistically, Casey James’ performances was one of his best yet. Playing the electric, rocking the vox. The best of the guys by far.

9:42 The coming back from commercial and Seacrest stealing a judges seat gag is getting old.

9:43 Didi Benami is singing “You’re No Good.” Seacrest just called her Didi Binini. At least she got a great nickname before she goes home. The judges will say the same thing right back to her. “You’re no good.” I swear I wrote that line before Ellen and Simon made similar puns.

9:52 Siobhan Magnus is slaying major song after major song. This week’s dragon is “Superstition.” She is a true performer. Casey James and Crystal Bowersox share that label. That was awesome.

Top 3: Crystal Bowersox, Casey James, Siobhan Magnus

Bottom 3: Paige Miles, Tim Urban, Didi Benami

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