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American Idol Top Ten Finalists Compete

Posted by shore On March - 30 - 2010

idoltopten@AndyShore Last week was a lot of odd song choices and disappointing performances. There were a few bright spots. Siobhan Magnus and Crystal Bowersox continue to stand out amongst the girls. I also dug Casey James’ Huey Lewis cover. Big Mike was good again, and should be even better for R&B night. Sooner of later, Tim Urban is going to go home. Didi Benami might be soon behind him. It appears Katie Stevens might be ticketed for the same fate. Usher is the mentor tonight. Anybody who isn’t an Usher fan is just lying to themselves. Let’s take it back to ’97 before we get into tonight’s American Idol.

8:10 Siohban Magnus is leading off tonight with “Through the Fire.” This is not her vocal style and I don’t know why she would have tried to do this. She does not sound good at all. Even her screams won’t save her from criticism this week. The judges agree. She’s been good enough so far to get a pass this week.

8:22 Casey James is singing “Hold On, I’m Coming.” I’m a big Sam & Dave fan, if for no other reason, than they were the inspiration behind the Blues Brothers. This is up there with his best performances to date. Nobody looks like they have more fun onstage than Casey. Simon practically blew him there.

8:33 Big Mike Lynche is siging “Ready for Love.” I said last week he’d be the favorite for Soul and R&B week. Let’s see it. Performing behing the judges table, in the crowd was totally unnecessary. So was the crowd waving their arms in the air. To me, this is incredible. To the American Idol voting public, we shall see. It was spot on, for a performance true to the week.

8:45 Didi Benami is singing “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted.” I’ll take the other Ruffin 10 times out of 10. This performance was ridiculous. I laughed my ass off when she did the “Tell me! Tell me!” at the end.

8:58 Tim Urban is singing “Sweet Love.” Nothing about this performance is impressive. Sounds lounge lizard-y at times. Randy just outsang Tim. Ellen should have Robin Scherbatsky’d adorable right there.

9:10 Andrew Garcia is singing “Forever.” I was really starting to worry about Andrew in this competition. That was right back on track. The judges said he finally lived up to his early hype.

9:22 Katie Steven is singing Aretha Franklin “Chain of Fools.” Singing Aretha during Soul/R&B week is ballsy. Unfortunately for her, the performance comes off like a child beauty pageant contestant. She sort of looks the part too.

9:34 Lee Dewyze is singing “Treat Her Like a Lady.” That was probably the best performance of the night. He took Soul/R&B week in stride, while making this song his own.

9:44 Crystal Bowersox is singing “Midnight Train to Georgia.” She’s tickling the ivories for the first time tonight. Crystal is putting the soul in this week. The arrangement is great too. Oooh! She hit the high notes too. She doesn’t always show that she can do that.

9:55 Aaron Kelly is closing the show with “Ain’t No Sunshine.” Kris Allen wasn’t on my radar last season until he sang this song. I LOVE Bill Withers. I hope Aaron’s country twang doesn’t get in the way. There wasn’t anything terribly wrong with his performance, it just wasn’t spectacular. Lee and Crystal are hard acts to follow.

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