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American Idol Top 9 Finalists Compete

Posted by shore On April - 6 - 2010

idoltopnine@AndyShore It is Lennon/McCartney week. Usually I would look forward to hearing some good songs. I saw Paul McCartney this week. These guys are no Macca. They’re not even Pete Best. I am either going to love or hate these performances. There is no middle ground with the Beatles. The good thing about the Beatles catalog is that there’s a lot of different styles, to suit a lot of different singers. I want to see Crystal Bowersox do one of the more ballad-y type songs. I’m hoping Siobhan Magnus will do “Helter Skelter.”

8:10 Aaron Kelly is called Yoda by his fellow contestants. He is not the master of anything in my mind. Especially not of “The Long and Winding Road.” There are way more appropriate Beatles songs for a 16-year-old to sing. His final note went a little brown too. Ellen busted out the song title pun for good measure.

8:24 Katie Stevens is singing “Let it Be.” Another mature song for an immature performer. Unlike Aaron, she was up to the challenge. She sounds amazing. Just singing the song, showing off her voice. Not doing too much, and picking her spots to let her voice shine. My favorite performance of hers to date. You know it’s a good performance when Randy is articulate. Otherwise he stammers until he thinks of something nice to say.

8:36 Andrew Garcia is singing “Can’t Buy Me Love.” He’s a favorite amongst the contestants. I like his voice, and at times it sounded good during this performance. Overall, it sounded a bit too lounge lizard-y for my taste.

8:46 Big Mike Lynche was called the Hulk by Katie Stevens, but I still think he looks more like the Thing. He’s doing a R&B’d out “Eleanor Rigby.” The arrangement is awesome. Sick beats going on the drums and a full string section. Big Mike’s best performance ever. Sylvie agrees with me.

9:00 Crystal Bowersox’s dad looks like Gallagher the comedian. I know that, because I once met Gallagher the comedian. In my friend’s basement. True story. Ask me some time. She’s killing it once again, singing “Come Together.” There’s a didgeridoo on stage for good measure. She made the song her own, and was one of her best so far.

9:12 Tim Urban is singing “All My Loving.” I think he is as bad as it gets on this show, but the Beatles could be right up his alley. The song choice is fine, but I don’t like his voice. He’s not in a class with any of the previous three performers (and Katie Stevens was in the bottom 3 the last two weeks).

9:24 Lacey Brown is sitting right next to the duo from Bones, and Seacrest didn’t even mention her.

9:28 Casey James is singing “Jealous Girl.” I like the southern rock quality in his voice, and the slow song doesn’t show it off. The judges liked his stepped out of his comfort zone and felt his performance. I’d prefer he rocked out instead.

9:38 Siobhan Magnus is singing “Across the Universe.” I think it will give her a chance to show her voice off, like she did with “House of the Rising Sun.” She’s at her best when she’s belting notes. She’s on pitch, but this isn’t the reason everyone has fallen in love with Siobhan. This was likely her response to the complaints of her signature scream.

9:50 Lee Dewyze is singing “Hey Jude.” There is a serious bromance between Lee and Andrew Garcia. Crystal said they’re going to make beautiful Danny Gokey babies. Hilarious. Not his best performance, and the bag pipes were too funny.

Top 3: Katie Stevens, Big Mike Lynche, Crystal Bowersox

Bottom 3: Aaron Kelly, Andrew Garcia, Tim Urban

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