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Andy’s Coachella 2010 Top 10 Most Anticipated Shows

Posted by shore On April - 11 - 2010

gorillaz@AndyShore Coachella 2010 is almost here. I haven’t seen Zack since Austin City Limits in early October. It’s been almost as long since I’ve seen my brother. They’ll both be here. Two of my favorite people to see shows with, and the best festival line-up I have ever seen. Some of this top-10 might shift after the schedule releases. Conflicts are what make Zack and I toss and turn at night. He expressed his fear for having to miss the Dead Weather in the Podcrash Episode 2. This is who I am looking forward to. I will split time in sets if I have to. I really don’t want to miss any of these bands.

Listen to the Coachella Podcrash while you read

10. Beach House: I am hoping for a noonish set from one of my favorite indie rock bands. I want to sit in the grass, eat a sandwich and enjoy the Beach Boys-like harmonies and heady ambient music.

9. Matt & Kim: Grand might be my most played album of 2009. I was not at 100% for their show at Pitchfork 2009, and I want a second chance. They are two of the most smiley people you’ll ever see, which makes them even more fun live.

8. Wale: My favorite hip-hop release in recent memory. Everything Mark Ronson touches turns to gold in my book. Wale falls under this category. Not a big representation of hip-hop at this festival, but Wale should serve my fix.

7. Sly Stone: He makes this list because he is a legend. The man is notoriously a flake, but he has also put out some of my favorite music of all time. At his own Grammys performance, he took the stage late and left early. I’m hoping he is in better shape than George Clinton was the last time Zack and I saw P-funk.

6. Them Crooked Vultures: I will never tire of seeing Dave Grohl perform. I had a distraction during their ACL set, and I want to give them my full attention. John Paul Jones busted out some cool toys for their set, and I want a good view of them.

5. Phoenix: I surprised Zack by putting them this high. I loved their set at ACL and am very excited to see them again. Zack put them on top of his best shows of 2009 list. I was surprised he didn’t have them higher. I’m hoping they get a set after the sun goes down and they get to have a light show.

4. Atoms of Peace: I originally had them at 7. Then Zack told me that Flea was Thom Yorke’s bass player. That jumped them to just below the headliners. I’m a bigger RHCP fan than Radiohead. I liked The Eraser, but didn’t love it. I listen to the headliners way more. The reviews are great, and I have very high hopes for this set.

3. Muse: My brother and roommate just caught their set in Chicago. They have been raving about it ever since. I hope the light show was the same, because Rob has not stopped talking about it. All three of these headliners have the potential to be downright epic. Muse especially has the arena rock sound that can reach a large festival crowd.

2. Jay Z: A lot of times when Zack and I talk about legends, we’re referring to people our parents listened to growing up. Hova is someone we listened to growing up, but he is a legend. The man is on top of the world. The Blueprint 3 was a big step up from American Gangster and Kingdom Come. Zack has him on his top-5 artists he’s never seen list. Hopefully it’ll live up to the hype.

1. Gorillaz: This is a show made for a festival. While there is a live band, the show is put on by massive hologram cartoons .  It is the kind of show that can be enjoyed from wherever you are standing. Distance can make you lose some of the effect of the performer’s emotions. With these giant Gorillaz, that isn’t an issue. I think this is a show we will be talking about for a long, long time. Zack isn’t a believer yet, but I’m expecting to see a “yeah, these guys are awesome” face. I love those moments.

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