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Zack’s 10 Most Anticipated Coachella shows #10-#6

Posted by teibs On April - 12 - 2010

tcvsmiles@ZackTeibloom If I hadn’t somewhat successfully tackled SXSW and its 2,000 bands, I’d be completely overwhelmed by this behemoth of a line-up. I’ve got it narrowed down to 10, but once the schedule grid comes up, I could tell you another 25 you need to see. Let’s start with 10. I got a little carried away and wrote too much, so I’m making it a two-parter.

While you’re reading, I bet you’d have fun listening to the Coachella Podcrash. Andy even convinced me to bump Muse up a couple spots. On to the list:

10. Street Sweeper Social Club:

Oh, hai Tom Morello. Let me say that there are maybe a dozen bands I’m looking forward to at Coachella, but none of them have Tom Morello. The guitar hero is absolute fire on stage, even if it’s with a rap/rock “super group” that won’t hold a candle to RATM. There will be at least a couple moments like this “Paper Planes” cover that will make stopping by his set a must.

9. Vampire Weekend:

You know what you’re getting with Vampire Weekend. Those spry, flighty guitars, charming banter and a quick jaunt through their songs. We saw them several times on their first tour and it was always top notch. Now with their vibrant new album, Contra, to pick songs from, we’ll see how they put a set together instead of just playing everything they know. I’m hoping for an afternoon set. It’ll be me and my crashing partner and my crashing partner and his brother. I can feel it coming.

8. Muse:

I didn’t make it to Muse’s SXSW show, so this has become a priority, and I know Andy and  Rob will be hyped up and oohing and ahhing over the light show, so even just watching them react will be a good time. I saw Muse at Lolla ’08 in the rain and it was the epic display they’ve come to be known for the last few years. I haven’t seen Resistance performed live  yet, so unless they’re up against anyone in the top 7, I’ll be enjoying the view and sandwiches with the Shores.

7. Sly and the Family Stone:

Talk about a wildcard. It took some digging to find a recent clip of Sly and with good reason. No new album in almost 30 years and reviews of his scattered apperances in 2007 are littered with phrases like “made a brief appearance” and “He left the stage after saying to the audience that “when waking up this morning he realized he was old, and so he needed to take a break now.” So there’s that.

On the other hand, the catalogue of songs! If Sly and Fam can show up on time and he has his voice, this could be an instant classic. Personally, I’m gonna show up 15 minutes late and have a back-up plan just in case it’s not as magical as when Andy and I met up a few hundred yards from where we started to see Dave do a cover of Thank You “(Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin).” A hall of fame festival moment.

6. Them Crooked Vultures:

Quite frankly, they’re the best rhythm section in the history of rock. No one throws down like Grohl and John Paul Jones. Last time we saw them was the last time Andy and I saw each other. They didn’t have an album out and no one could sing along. Now we know the words. And we’ll be yelling them when we’re not yelling “FRESH POTS!”

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