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American Idol Top Nine Finalists Compete Again: Elvis Night

Posted by shore On April - 13 - 2010

leetopnine@AndyShore The pressure is on this week. Two contestants will go home tomorrow, since Big Mike was saved last week. Tonight’s theme is the music of Elvis. Adam Lambert is the mentor. This week should favor voices like Casey James, Lee Dewyze and Big Mike. Andrew Garcia may continue to find himself in the bottom. I can only hope that Aaron Kelly and Tim Urban find themselves there too. I almost think that the music of Elvis will be easier for the girls. It will be harder to compare them to the original. I’m excited to see what Siobhan Magnus does. She’s been tame the last two weeks. Elvis should be the time for her to let loose again.

8:06 Hahaha. Adam Lambert just said artist’s package.

8:07 Ryan Seacrest to Adam Lambert: “my tongue isn’t as talented as yours.” I can’t make that up.

8:08 Crystal Bowersox is singing “Saved.” What makes Crystal’s voice so special, is very similar to what made Elvis who he was. They’re both rooted in blues, gospel and a more than just a little bit of country. The judges are running out of nice things to say about her.

8:19 Andrew Garcia is singing “Hound Dog.” Adam Lambert told him that his rehearsal was boring. I do like Andrew’s voice. I do not like this performance. It was boring. He sucked the life out of Elvis (again?).

8:29 Tim Urban is singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.” I haven’t really liked him at all. That being said, this was probably his best performance. He didn’t overdo it or goof on it. He sung it nicely and sounded good.

8:38 Lee Dewyze is singing the theme song from Las Vegas, aka “A Little Less Conversation.” Apparently it was an Elvis song first. I called that Lee would be good this week. I just didn’t know he would be that good. Wow.

8:42 Just realized the cast of Glee is sitting behind the judges. How are they gonna be on TV right after?

8:43 Aaron Kelly is singing “Blue Suede Shoes.” Another contestant I haven’t always enjoyed that put on a good performance. The note at the end fell short.

8:53 Siobhan Magnus is singing “Suspicious Minds.” This reminds me of her performance during R&B week that I did not enjoy. Her voice is better than that time though. She did get her scream off. I would have rather had her sing a tune that rocked a little more. She hit the notes she needed to.

9:04 Big Mike Lynche is singing “In the Ghetto.” I figured the R&B singer of the group would shine during the week dedicated to the guy that made it ok for white people to sing R&B music. Like Lee, Big Mike exceeded what I thought it would be. He sang like a man who almost had this all taken away from him.

9:13 Katie Stevens is singing “Baby What You Want Me To Do.” She wasn’t as good as last week, but I thought it was pretty good. Ellen just made a joke about the song being “horny.” Inappropriate Ellen. She’s underage.

9:21 Casey James is singing “Lawdy, Miss Clawdy.” Casey did not seize this opportunity, as Lee and Big Mike did. It wasn’t awful, but it was far from his best.

Top 3: Crystal Bowersox, Lee Dewyze, Big Mike

Bottom 3: Andrew Garcia, Siobhan Magnus, Casey James

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