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Coachella 2010 Set Time Conflicts & Schedule

Posted by teibs On April - 13 - 2010

sundaycoach@ZackTeibloom I’m relieved. With a jam-packed schedule, the odds were overwhelming that we’d have some terrible overlaps on the schedule. It could have been so much worse. I’d like to thank the good people who made this schedule. Can you guys go fix the Jazzfest schedule next year? Let’s take a look at the tough decisions we’ll have to make:

Friday Conflicts

1. Them Crooked Vultures (7:50pm-8:40pm)  vs. Grizzly Bear (8:05pm-8:55pm)

Ideally I’d like to catch at least some of Grizzly Bear, but given the fact that LCD is on the same stage as TCV, there’s no way I’ll give up my spot. In fact, the main stage is a juggernaut all night on Friday with SSSC, TCV, LCD and Jay-Z. Another festival I’ll miss Grizzly Bear at. I’ll have to go watch that little kid playing along video and curse my love of the hard rock.

2. She & Him (5:45pm-6:35pm) vs. Ra Ra Riot (5:35pm-6:25pm)

Two artists I kind of dropped the ball on at SXSW. I heard She & Him from a patch of grass in front of the IHOP parking lot. It was pleasant, but I wasn’t captivated. Andy got me into Ra Ra Riot, so I think he’ll be OK with starting there and catching the last 10-15 minutes of She and Him so we  can catch a glimpse of Zoey and get a decent spot for Passion Pit.

3. Yeasayer (4:20pm-5:10pm) vs. Hockey (4:35pm-5:20pm)

Yeasayer just came through Austin this past weekend for two shows that got rave reviews all around. I’ve seen Hockey twice. Not a real contest here. Yeasayer at 4:20? One word. Two syllables: sandwich.


Friday Schedule:

  • 1:35 P.O.S.
  • 2:35 Wale
  • 3:30 Sleigh Bells
  • 4:20 Yeasayer
  • 5:05 Street Sweeper Social Club
  • 5:35 Ra Ra Riot
  • 7:00 Passion Pit
  • 7:50 Them Crooked Vultures
  • 9:05 LCD Soundsystem
  • 9:55 Vampire Weekend
  • 10:50 Jay-Z

Saturday Conflicts

It may be the lightest day of bands I want to see, but wow. No real conflicts! A lot of stage-hopping will go on in the afternoon, but they spaced the headliners perfectly and made it easy to hit almost everything. How did The Dead Weather get the closing slot Saturday night? I’m beaming. Thatta boy, Jack!

1. Muse (9:35pm-11:05pm) vs. Major Lazer (9:25pm-10:10pm) & Les Claypool (10:35pm-11:25pm)

Barely even a decision. Major Lazer is well regarded for their DJ set, but I’m so over Les Claypool and Andy and Rob can’t wait for Muse. It’s a walkoff.

2. The Temper Trap (4:00pm-4:45pm) vs. Beach House (4:25pm-5:15pm)  I want to see Temper Trap more. Andy wants more Beach House. Looks pretty easy to catch both, no? The festival gods smile upon us.

3. The xx (6:25pm-7:10pm) vs. The Dirty Projectors (6:55pm-7:45pm) vs. Bassnectar (6:40pm-7:40pm)

For me, it’s all about the Dirty Projectors. I can get my untz on another time with Bassnectar and I’d rather have the XXX than the xx. (That joke makes more sense when you remember this story)


Saturday schedule:

  • 2:15 Portugal. The Man.
  • 2:45 Frightened Rabbit
  • 4:00 The Temper Trap
  • 4:25 Beach House
  • 6:40 Bassnectar
  • 6:55 Dirty Projectors
  • 7:35 Hot Chip
  • 7:55 Faith No More
  • 8:50 MGMT
  • 9:35 Muse
  • 11:05 The Dead Weather

Sunday Conflicts

1. Sly Stone (7:00pm-7:45pm) vs. Phoenix (7:10pm-8:00pm)

This one stings. I had such curiosity about Sly, but Phoenix is throwing 102 mph. I don’t know that Sly has hit over 100 on the radar gun in 30 years. You have to go with the sure thing here. Sorry Sly.

2. Miike Snow (6:45pm-7:30pm) vs. Spoon (6:30pm-7:20pm)

Interesting match-up here. I always rate them both in the low 9s, have met both lead singers, have seen both (a lot) recently and they both have a lot to offer. I’ll let Rob and Andy pick here. Deeper catalogue for Spoon (because they’ve been around way longer) but Miike Snow always ends with a roaring “Animal.” I say we start at Spoon and catch the last 20 minutes of snow.

3. Yo La Tengo (5-5:30) vs. Florence and the Machines 4:30pm-5:15pm vs. Matt and Kim 4:25pm-5:10pm

This will be tough. Andy definitely wants to see Matt & Kim, but I’ll be floating between Florence and Yo La Tengo. I wonder if Andy knows what he’d be missing in Florence, but he’s all about Matt & Kim and thinks it gives him some indie cred. Can’t take that away. Even though Flo is the pick for those in the know.


Sunday Schedule

  • 12:10 Kevin Devine
  • 2:10 Local Natives
  • 3:20 Mayer Hawthorne
  • 4:30 Florence and the Machines
  • 5:00 Yo La Tengo
  • 5:35 Julian Casablancas
  • 6:30 Spoon
  • 6:45 Miike Snow
  • 7:10 Phoenix
  • 9:00 Thom Yorke
  • 10:30 Gorillaz

I can’t wait. Let’s get this fest started!

2 Responses

  1. Rob Said,

    If you actually consider seeing Grizzly Bear over TCV I’m taking your man card away.

    I saw Muse 2 weeks ago at the UC. An outdoor show definitely won’t be as epic as the arena show. (No room for or time to set up the ridiculous stage they had at the UC.) I’m still not passing on a chance to see them again. Mr. Bellamy is one talented mofo.

    I’d like to catch a little bit of Sly, but I’m really looking forward to seeing Phoenix. I’m interested to see what the Frenchmen have in store for a live show.

    I’ve wanted to see Spoon for quite a while now. Despite their most recent album being a little bit too strange for my tastes, I’m still planning on catching the majority of their set. Also, I’ve never even heard of Miike Snow. (Who the hell spells Miike with 2 I’s?)

    Sunday evening for me is looking like this: Spoon>Phoenix, Sandwich Break>Thom Yorke, Sandwich Break>Gorillaz

    Posted on April 13th, 2010 at 10:14 am

  2. The Dankness Said,

    Go see The Soft Pack in between Kevin Devine and Local Natives on Sunday. DO IT.

    Posted on April 13th, 2010 at 2:03 pm

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