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The Many Tastes of Coachella Day 1

Posted by teibs On April - 17 - 2010

foodcoachella@ZackTeibloom It was a tasty first day at Coachella. The crash was easy and painless and I got a wristband so it’ll be easy the rest of the way. We caught pretty much everyone we wanted to see and they were delicious. (Listen to the Podcrash recorded Saturday morning for a full recap in just 9 minutes.)

Jay-Z’s closing set was the steak of Friday night at Coachella. Just ask James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem. The bearded, boisterous Murphy called his band the vegan option of the headliners, anointing the raucous, raw rock of Them Crooked Vultures the chicken and decided Vampire Weekend was the fish. OK, let’s push this a little further.

The appetizers were light early on: We started with an amuse bouche of Wale, our first set of the day. I bet Andy we wouldn’t get into the fest in time to see Wale start at 2:35. He went on at 3:10. An Amuse Bouche is supposed to be that small, but not a rap set. How did everyone else taste?

Sleigh Bells – Bloody Mary w/ olives, lots of tobasco, worchester.  A kick in the pants. A little burn in the throat. Got ya up and moving to kick the fest into gear. She’s a spark plug and got the crowd to release built up energy as she hopped I knew all the words so I could sing along. I could only watch and dance and try to soak it up. Felt good.

Street Sweeper Social Club – Kobe Sliders- Substantial, hearty, the best grade quality of the main ingredient. Tom Morello is the beef of these sliders. The Rage Against the Machine sound pours out of him when he’s not reaching into his bag of tricks. He plays with his teeth, uses his forearm like fingers. Moves his fingers like tentacles, but he’s more of a knob man. His famous “ARM THE HOMELESS” green guitar immortalized in Guitar Hero is a weapon. He slings and aims it like a guitar during an M.I.A. cover of “Paper Planes” and astounds with his pitch and tone, whether strumming wildly (but always in control) or somehow keeping in key and tone with dramatic tuning peg movements. Second best set only to Jay-Z.

Yeasayer- Mango salsa- A lot of ingredients coming together for a surprisingly soft texture you can’t get enough of. (see Andy’s review)

She & Him (bacon wrapped dates),  Sweet and Savory, go together just like you’d imagine. Nice to look at.  (See Andy’s review)

Passion Pit (Red Bull and vodka) Burst of energy, turned afternoon into night, but gave you the strength to make it through. Made you bounce whether you wanted to or not. I left early to meet the boys for a good spot for TCV.

Them Crooked Vultures – Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with pepper jack cheese on a big buttered sesame seed bun – We last saw them at ACL, not knowing a song. Knowing the album made for such a better experience. “Mind Eraser, No Chaser” is a triumph live. “No One Loves Me and Neither Do I” was a nasty ballad. You spend your time looking back and forth between John Paul Jones as he moves from keys to his array of bass’ with ease, and Dave Grohl as he wails away, looking like he’s had plenty of fresh pots. The sandbags around his drums held them back from Grohl blowing himself off the stage, Homme called LCD one of his favorite bands, but I could see anyone calling TCV theirs. So many activities. (See Andy’s Review)

LCD Soundsystem – Tofu Tika Masala bowl with rice – The off-beat flavor you were hoping for. Felt good going down. It hit the spot, but without the steak and chicken, it didn’t quite fill you up. I saw the show through the eyes of the bored fest-goers near me. Complaints of it being too repetitive. Too long to get where they were going. Too much talking. Mostly valid. Despite the naysayers next to me, I was really into it. I wish they’d have played “Dance Yrself Clean” or “Sound of Silver,” but “Drunk Girls” was as fun live as you’d imagine, “New York I Love You was the right closer (despite being in LA) and the bearded Murphy was hilarious as ever when reminding us that he was opening for Jay-Z, the food analogy and saying Them Crooked Vultures were cooler. I agree. TCV > LCD.

Jay-Z – Filet Mignon with garlic mashed potatoes. Prime cut. No one does it like Jay-Z. Every bite oozes. You savor it. It looks as good as it tastes. I explained more here…

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