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Matt & Kim @ Coachella 2010

Posted by shore On April - 20 - 2010

mattandkimcoach@AndyShore For me, discovering Matt & Kim was one of the best things to come out of covering Pitchfork 2009. Their album, Grand, still gets a decent amount of play. 2009 was a big year for the band. They won a VMA for breakthrough video and had their hit, “Daylight,” as the promo song for Community on NBC. The electro-rock duo had taken most of the year off to record their next album. They were more than ready to let loose in front of the large Coachella crowd that had gathered in the Mojave Tent.

With Matt & Kim, you come for the fun, sing-a-long tunes. You stay for the comical banter. At Coachella, most of their banter was dedicated to nudity. It began with Kim asking all the ladies if they got waxed for Coachella/the start of the summer. She added for the guys, “it’s not grooming. It’s making your dick look bigger.” Underwear was the next topic, with Kim asking Matt to show his and Matt pointing out that Kim had neglected to wear a bra. This spurned the next comment and ensuing booty shaking dance party. “I may have little titties, but my ass can clap.” All this naked talk inspired one festival attendee, who streaked across the stage mid-set.

Due to the shortened nature of festival sets, Matt & Kim played sped up versions of most of their hits. They wanted to make sure they didn’t miss any. The crowd sang along to everyone one of them, from “Good ol’ Fashion Nightmare” to “Yeah.” A few choice covers got the crowd going too. First it was Alice DJ’s “Do You Think You’re Better Off Alone” with Matt playing the melody on his synth and the crowd on vocals. Then it was “The Final Countdown” which led into their breakout hit, “Daylight.” Matt & Kim might not be the most musically sound band out there, but you won’t have more fun than with them.

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  1. Festival Crashers » Blog Archive » Andy’s Coachella Top 10 Shows Said,

    […] 8. Matt & Kim: This duo knows how to have fun. Whether it be talking about getting naked or having a dude streak across the stage, the humorous banter was mostly about nudity. Kim told the crowd she “may have small titties, but her ass could clap.” Who wouldn’t be ready to get down after hearing that? I’m talking about the show guys. C’mon. 7. Phoenix: I was glad to get another chance to see Phoenix. I had a great time the first time around, but my ankle was far from 100% at ACL 2009 and I needed to go sit down after half a show. This time I was on my feet and dancing the whole time, save for a quick sandwich. 6. MUTEMATH: All I had to go off of from this band was their music videos. I’m glad that was enough to get me there. I had a blast at this show. Rocking, danceable and an all around good time. Bodies and drums went from the stage to the crowd. The drummer even poured water on his heads so they’d splash as he played them. 5. Them Crooked Vultures: Yes, I miss Dave Grohl is a frontman. I also enjoy Josh Homme in that roll. Good thing Grohl is a monster behind the kit. John Paul Jones is a master of many instruments, and he put that on display. These guys would have been the best rock show of Friday at Coachella, but Tom Morello had something to say about that. 4. Street Sweeper Social Club: Speaking of Tom Morello…Wow. Was I not prepared for how good this set would be. I should have known better. I’ve even seen Rage Against the Machine live. Playing with a different band doesn’t take anything away from Morello. He is any band he plays with. The man played with his teeth, his forearms and did an entire solo on his tuning peg. A couple of choice covers sprinkled in, and this show cracked the top 5. 3. Atoms For Peace: I didn’t have them too high on my most anticipated shows. That is until I found out Flea was Thom Yorke’s bass player. Those two are kindred spirits. They were meant to play on stage together. The feed off each other, dancing like wacky waving arm flailing inflatable tube men. The meatier bass noise breathes new life into the tracks from The Eraser. See these guys ASAP. 2. Jay Z: Zack says this was the best show of Coachella 2010. I thought so too, until Saturday night. The man is a legend, and deservedly so. He’s got more hits than the Sopranos. He plays them all too. Add to that an appearance from Beyonce and fireworks and you have a top-2 show at Coachella. 1. Muse: Zack and I both dubbed Jay Z the MVP of Coachella 2010 after Friday night. Matthew Bellamy had something to say about that. Muse puts on a rock spectacle. The rocking trio blew my mind, even before they hit us with the lasers. My mind was still blown when we decided to record the podcast after 2am. I should have listened to Ted Mosby. All I could spit out was awesome, excellent, crazy and a whole bunch of other adjectives for great. My review did them some more justice. Features, Festivals […]

    Posted on April 26th, 2010 at 9:25 am

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