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American Idol Finale Preview

Posted by shore On May - 25 - 2010

@AndyShore The American Idol finale pairs the favorites of this season against one another. Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox were the judges’ pets from episode one. Performances that were decent were called spectacular by the judges last week. It was their only way of ensuring their picks would make the finale. They both deserve to be there. Consistently the best throughout the season, though Lee has grown more in recent weeks. Either has an honest shot at being the next American Idol. The format for the finale goes reprise a previous hit performance, sing a song chosen by show creator Simon Fuller and sing the coronation song. Hopefully it won’t bomb as hard as Kara Dioguardi’s “No Boundaries” did last season. I’ve picked who I think will win, although it might be different than who I want to win. I’ll present my cases for each contestant first.

Lee DeWyze: Last year, Kris Allen defeated Adam Lambert in the finale. I theorized that this was a result of the American Idol voting public. Teenage girls are going to vote for the boy they can fantasize  about. Lee has this factor going for him over Crystal Bowersox. It may come down to that little, in a competition with two legitimate artists.

Lee’s Sinatra and Elvis night performances were two of my favorites, but I’m not sure he reprises them for the finale. “Treat Her Like a Lady” seems like it might be a hit with the cougar voters, but I could see him going all the way back to “Lips of an Angel” too. The coronation song and judge’s pick will play a big role in how the next two rounds go.

Crystal Bowersox: She doesn’t have the cute boy factor going for her and even admits to having a “musical” crush on Lee. She is a mom though and her little guy is adorable. This could sway some votes back her way. The judge’s pick will likely be a song that suits Crystal well. That round will have to be determined after their performances tonight. The round that could trip Crystal up is the coronation song. If it’s written as a pop tune, she may struggle as a singer-songwriter.

People will always compare Crystal to Janis Joplin. Her cover of “Me and Bobby McGee” was one of my favorite performances of the season. I don’t know if she’ll want to go with someone that she is so often compared to for the finale. “Midnight Train to Georgia” is another song I’d like to see Crystal sing again, but “Come Together” might be the fan favorite to go with.

My pick: I can see either one taking this competition. I want to see Crystal Bowersox win. I have a thing for female vocalists, and Crystal is one of my favorite ever to take the American Idol stage. Her and Lee have probably had the same amount of highlights, but she really hasn’t had any lows. Lee has Owl City to live down. That being said. I think Lee DeWyze will win this season of American Idol. I think he fits more of what the American Idol voting public wants or likes. He’s the new David Cook or Daughtry. Both massive hits on American Idol and beyond. Crystal Bowersox should have the career I enjoy more in the long run.

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