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Lollapalooza 2010 Preview

Posted by shore On August - 6 - 2010

lollatwentyten@AndyShore It is very depressing to have to write a Lollapalooza 2010 preview, knowing I won’t be enjoying the bands I am talking about. Plus all of my best friends and favorite festival goers will be there. I’m there in spirit guys. Have enough fun for me too. I know you will. Lollapalooza is one of my favorite festivals, set in the greatest city in the world. Going over and over this schedule is like salt in my wounds. It is so good. A top 10 doesn’t even do it justice, but it’s a start. Here is who I would be seeing, if I was watching shows with the Chicago skyline as a backdrop, sitting in the grass and eating sandwiches. Gahhhhh…I want to be there so bad.

10. Yeasayer: Another band that was first introduced to me at Lollapalooza. I had heard good things, but was impressed by their noon set on the main stage. I almost didn’t want to leave their set at Coachella, but ended up being glad I did. That’s nothing against Yeasayer. Street Sweeper Social Club with Tom Morello just slays.

9. MUTEMATH: One of my favorite sets of Coachella 2010. They bring so much energy to the stage, jumping on and over instruments and into the crowd. I have been adamant that Zack has to see them, after he opted for Mayer Hawthorne at Coachella (also a great choice).

8. B.o.B.: I really only saw a song and a half of his Coachella set. His smash hit debut album hadn’t dropped yet and I didn’t know what I was missing out on. There isn’t a bad track on his album, and he’s a great performer. Someone should show him Lupe-palooza 2008, so he knows how high the bar has been set.

7. Arcade Fire: Have always been a fan, but never really an avid listener. The Suburbs has gotten quite a few plays this past week, with no fear of breaking the 24 hour rule. Zack is super hyped and they top his list.

6. My Dear Disco: So very proud of these guys. Saw them for the first time at a packed Saloon stage show at 10klf 2009. Enjoyed some deep dish pizza with them just a week later and haven’t stopped listening since. Big things are destined for this band, and playing Lollapalooza is just the start. If you call yourself my friend, don’t tell me you missed them. I won’t call you the same.

5. Cypress Hill: Credit being a white, Jewish kid in the suburbs that loved sandwiches for this pick. My buddy Josh may deserve some of the blame as well. Regardless, this is a much better choice than the National. Not even close. Go have a good time and get a contact high.

4. Blitzen Trapper: Destroyer of the Void has been on heavy rotation since its release. They were one of my favorite shows at Pitchfork 2009, and this new disc is my favorite yet. Should make for a great afternoon set in the sun. Bring a sandwich.

3. Soundgarden: A staple of my childhood music listening days along with bands like Nirvana and Green Day. I have seen Chris Cornell solo, but the fact that Soundgarden is touring again is a much bigger deal than Zack seems to understand. He doesn’t get it. He was busy listening to Dashboard Confessional back then.

2. Lady Gaga: She is playing Lollapalooza 2010, because she is loyal. Back in 2007, nobody was letting her play the festival circuit. Except for Lolla. She’s here this weekend to show her appreciation. Known as one of the best touring shows around, this set is sure to be an experience that will not soon be forgotten. Don’t be an elitist on this one. You’ll regret it.

1. Jamie Lidell: Lollapalooza 2008 introduced me to the soul-filled lunatic that is Jamie Lidell. His band wore Elvis jumpsuits and kimonos and he oozed soul. So much so that I once explained to Zack that it was like he found one of Stevie Wonder’s old notebooks and recorded all the music from it (that is if he could read brail). Lidell is now armed with a brand new band, but I image the energy will still be there. Do not miss this show.

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