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Successful Crash #35: Patience at Lollapalooza

Posted by teibs On August - 8 - 2010

crashfail@ZackTeibloom If at the exact moment Blues Traveler is playing “Run Around” and a lane opens up that would just be a 40 yard dash running around the check in and you still can’t crash, it’s a sign you’re in for a long day of crashing. We tried every entrance before our opportunity finally presented itself Saturday. On Friday I had @snoogans913 crashing with me. Saturday I brought Smoosh along as well. A menage a crash. Not the most ideal situation. Especially on a day where the crowd didn’t seem to come in packs.

Brett got their early and told us to meet him at the side entrance. Not a good call. Five blocks out of the way and far too much security. Could we just walk in the entrance despite their being more security than people? Not so much. It felt like we each had our own security guard watching us. Did it stop me from trying three times? Of course not. I got escorted away mumbling about media check in. Having verified that entrance as a bust, we walked three blocks in the wrong direction as Snoogans and smoosh talked about jumping a fence on Lakeshore Drive.

“I don’t do crazy tactics. You don’t jump fences!”

It was ugly early on, I’m not gonna lie. 20 minutes later we’re at the main entrance and it’s just as rough. I finally notice that there is an exit row, which is usually crashing gold, but damn they have a guard at both ends of it. I sit on the fence of one exit row and start inching my way towards the entrance and get half way there before the guy guarding the entrance just points at me. OK, I get the point.

“That guy knows what we’re doing and he doesn’t like it. I don’t know what the next plan is.”

At this point, we’ve been dicking around for an hour and facing dead end after dead end. I notice that at the VIP check-in on the far right of the line, the security guard has left. That means if I can get around that checkpoint, it’s a 40 yard sprint and I’m in. What I didn’t expect, was that the non-security guy checking people in would spring to life and get into a defensive stop the second I stepped around his tent. He was shockingly fast. Thankfully Brett saw the whole thing and we recorded this video:

All along I thought the best place to try was the media entrance. It’s just one guard and they usually don’t care what’s going on. It took way too long to get there, but once we did it was golden. After just a few minutes of waiting around, some head honcho security guy appeared to be letting in an entire family with no wristbands. It was clear from listening to them talk that they were friends and getting a favor. Smoosh noticed what I noticed, which was that this big shot security guy was getting the lowly security guy guarding the gate to just allow anyone with him inside. We sidled up to their party and waltzed right in. Brett somehow was sleeping, but I’ll let him tell how he got in:

As always the lesson is to just be patient. You’ll get in eventually. Wait for your opportunities. They will come. Thanks for sticking with me, Snoogans and Smoosh. Since Snoogans got someone to give up a wristband and Smoosh is golfing, I’ll be flying solo today.

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