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Deadmau5 at ACL: It’s no Daft Punk

Posted by teibs On October - 10 - 2010

deadmau555@ZackTeibloom Is it fair to compare Deadmau5 to Daft Punk? One is a festival-headlining Candian DJ who feature a glowing 3D stage platform (cube) and dons an elaborate helmet filled with LED lights. The other are two festival-headlining French DJ’s who feature a glowing 3D stage platform (pyramid) and dons  … you guessed it, elaborate helmets filled with LED lights. Sure, Daft Punk relies a lot more on samples and has vocal tracks to work with, but they’re contemporaries with Deadmau5 at the very least. I’d been hearing all kinds of hype about a Deadmau5 show from @shiftywhiteguy and I have to say I wasn’t that impressed. The beats don’t hit nearly as hard, the song catalog pales in comparison to Daft Punk’s array of hits and deep cuts and the light show is worlds less bright and vibrant and intricate. On the surface, they sound like such identical shows, but trust me, Daft Punk works on a Tuesday morning at your desk. Deadmau5 requires hard drugs. No, that’s really not it. There’s a bunch of reasons he just doesn’t compare to the elite DJs. You just might not notice unless you’re sober.

It’s worth noting that I was quite sober at this Deadmau5 show. I was on a different planet for Daft Punk at Lolla ’07. I beg you not to chalk this entire discrepancy up to that. I adored Phish’s light show Friday night and, again, I was damn sober. I thought LCD was on fire Saturday and, despite taking one swig from a Sailor Jerry bottle the girl who forcibly sang “Drunk Girls” next to me had with her, I was sober and danced my ass off. Deadmau5 never got me grooving. One whole side of the festival was overcrowded with the LCD-Deadmau5-Muse combo only having to compete with Matt and Kim and M.I.A. It made it way too hard to get close enough to the dance party. Big factor right there, but we did get close and give it a shot.

After a half hour of unsuccessfully jockeying for position, and deciding not to just follow the inflatable Gumby around, we had to get dance party close. Next thing we know we’re in the third row dancing like fools next to a guy in a shirt covered in white lights. I tried. I really did. I had a couple red bulls in my system and was content to dance for 20 minutes, but I had to force it.  His cube doesn’t glow nearly as brightly or vibrantly as D.P. The rubix cube was a cool trick, but Daft Punk’s comes to life and becomes a force of its own. You’d need a mountain of cubes to build that pyramid.

It never felt like Deadmau5 was in complete control in any way. This is essential for a dance party to hold its center and have everyone hanging on every beat and transition. Little he did came close to resembling the iconic builds that make Daft Punk an other-worldly show and let’s Girl Talk shows reach Nirvana when he on as he so often is. Deadmau5 is just one guy on his way up and Daft Punk are two guys who have already conquered the DJ world, but Deadmau5 isn’t half the show Daft Punk is. It’s not even close. It’s a fun DJ set. No doubt about it. The costumes and cube are damn cool. He’s even a hilarious guy without the mask. (Like him on Facebook. It’s a treat.)  He’s on his way to something big and I don’t want to make you think it’s anything less than a fun show, but it’s just not all that if  you’re all there to notice. Whoever told me I made a mistake by seeing Jay-Z over Deadmau5 is a fool.

Overall: 7.5/10

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  1. Aunit. Said,

    I saw this show at acl on two hits of acid. It was by far the greatest thing i have ever experienced in my life. The light show blew my mind. AMAZING show. I have never gone from being terrified to amazed so quickly. DEFINITELY worth seeing I would recommend him to anyone. Great show. He put on a performance at the beginning faking a technical difficulty and his music completely controls the pace of the crowd. Don’t let the things you read discourage you from seeing DEADMAU5!

    Posted on October 11th, 2010 at 10:33 am

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