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LCD Soundsystem at ACL: Dance Yrself Clean

Posted by teibs On October - 10 - 2010

lcdnew@ZackTeibloom Two things I never thought I’d see at an LCD show:  1) opening with obvious opener “Dance Yrself Clean” (they shockingly leave it off most set lists) and 2) Andy loving every minute of it (He has been strongly against them ever since Coachella. Both happened Saturday night.

Last festival they were sandwiched between Atoms For Peace and Jay-Z andended up feeling like filler from the position we had. This time they were opening for a Deadmau5 and Muse combo that appealed to us far more. From this position, LCD was the best show of Saturday night. From this position, Andy was yelling “They sound like a completely different band than Coachella!” From this position.James Murphy and crew came out blazing with tracks one and two of This is Happening, following “Dance Yrself Clean” up with “Drunk Girls” as a drunk girl aggressively leaned into me and belted out the lyrics. Her friend got Andy’s attention. Not because she was attractive, but because she was a midget doing the Ravinia dance. After that, they skipped ahead on the album to “I Can Change.” If they’d played “I Can Change” five more times in a row, that would have been what it’s like when I listen to it in my car. They gave us more than our fill of the new album and only a couple treasures like “All my Friends” off of Sound of Silver.

“Yeah” was a revelation. I was worried this was when we’d lose Andy, seeing as how his biggest complaint is their repetitiveness. Dude was yelling “Yeah!” like his life depended on it. Overall, it really wasn’t my favorite set list they could have trotted out. No “Sound of Silver” or “North American Scum” or “New York I Love You” or even their old hit “Daft Punk is Playing at My House.”

It was poignant when they played it at Lolla 2007, when Daft Punk was playing on a nearby stage as soon as they finished. This time Deadmau5 was playing directly after and they didn’t bother to play it at all. I’ve said it before, Deadmau5 is no Daft Punk! LCD is a beast of a live show, though. It frightens me to think James Murphy will truly never record another album, but with this cannon of live songs, I’d happily see a variation on this set 3-5 times a year as long as they keep touring. I’ll never miss an opportunity to dance myself clean.

Of the five times I’ve seen them, only LCD’s Stubbs show a couple months ago topped this one. A raucous show that turned Saturday afternoon into Saturday night. It was supposed to be a transition into the madness. It wasn’t supposed to be the show of the night. 9.5/10

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  1. April riggs Said,

    It was awesome and my only regret is that i stayed off to the side under a tree dancing myself clean w/a buddy’s 4 year old daughter, instead of going into the crowd. (Wouldn’t have given up my dance partner for the life of me though..)
    The set choice was awesome!

    Posted on October 11th, 2010 at 9:22 am

  2. Larry Said,

    I must say, I enjoyed them a lot more this time than I did at Coachella. At the previous festival, I felt like I was just waiting through them to get to Jay, but this time I actually got my groove on.

    Posted on October 11th, 2010 at 4:36 pm

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