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Antoine Dodson “Bed Intruder Song” vs. Duck Sauce “Barbara Streisand”

Posted by shore On December - 22 - 2010

ducksaucead@AndyShore This match up was fated. It’s the unlikeliest artist with the dirtiest song content against the dirtiest named artist (Do an urban dictionary search for “Duck Sauce”) and the unlikeliest song content. Antoine Dodson would have never become a household name without the help of the Autotune the News crew, but we’re sure glad they did it. I’m sure he is too. He used the money from his cut to buy a house. Speaking of house, the disco-house duo of A-Trak and Armand van Helden brought another unorthodox song into the competition. Will we have to hide our kids and wives for another round, or will be be cleaning up Duck Sauce from from the “Barbara Streisand” celebration?

@ZackTeibloom Ooh, the battle of the most random hit songs in years. Some artists like T-Pain use auto tune to “enhance” what is already “music” to put a spin on their songs. Antonie Dodson was just a colorful character on the news. With auto tune, he became a phenom. Rarely does auto-tune help anything, but it made a funny rant into a shockingly catchy tune. My friend, whose last name is Heidrick, was the one in our fantasy football league to keep his team name the whole time. “Heid Ya Kids, Heid Ya Wife.” It has staying power. A-Trak just put out a fun little dance tune that is mostly popular because it has “Barbara Streisand” peppered in it. It’s not like butta. Heid ya other songs. Antoine Dodson’s about to start rapping everybody up in here.

@AndyShore A-Trak has been on my radar for years now, ever since he DJ’d Kanye’s Glow in the Dark Tour. He’s moved on to an awesome solo career, a collaboration with Travis Barker and Duck Sauce. The latter, bringing him widespread recognition due to the incredibly catchy and danceable “Anyway.” The video for which, still has my friends believing Duck Sauce is a 70s funk band. A-Trak also highlighted both nights of my Electric Daisy Carnival Experience. After Travis x A-Trak on night one, I was ready for Duck Sauce night two. I shot the first 15 minutes watching the duo move back and forth on the tables with a giant inflatable duck dancing behind them. I settled into the crowd and that’s when the dance party really began. I didn’t know any other material besides “Anyway.” It was long before “Barbara Streisand” had been released as a single, but all of the sudden there was the now familiar drop of “Barbara Steisand” followed by the OOOoooOOOs. The crowd went nuts. People danced harder. Tweakers twiddled their LED fingers even faster. Everyone recognized how great it was immediately. It still has that same impression when I play it for people. The video is great too. Who else believes in “Barbara Streisand?” Questlove, Pharrell, Chromeo, Kanye and Ezra Koenig … just to name a few. Listen and you’ll see how a song with no verses or actual chorus tops the charts.

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  1. Jebbica Said,

    I don’t know how I lasted all year without hearing “Barbara Streisand” until now. Catchy!

    Posted on January 13th, 2011 at 7:18 am

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