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Local Natives “Airplanes” vs. Vampire Weekend “Cousins”

Posted by teibs On December - 23 - 2010

lnvw@ZackTeibloom What an intriguing match-up. The two indie-rock bands who got the most buzz of 2008 and 2010 and overcame the backlashes because they quite simply don’t write bad songs and are dynamic live. Even though Vampire Weekend canceled at Langerado, our first festival ever as Festival Crashers, we saw them half a dozen times on that opening tour and we boop’d along every time. It took a little longer for Andy to come around on Local Natives. Really, it just took him seeing them. I got to see a handful of their SXSW shows, an in-store at Waterloo, a show where they got moved to a bigger venue in Austin and literally ran to see them as Andy parked at Coachella. When we had the chance to see Vampire Weekend before Phish at ACL, we saw a song of VW and got a good spot for Phish and never looked back. As Andy likes to point out, this isn’t about live music. “Cousins” is a fantastic song and better video. It’s hard to remember since it came out in January, but it’s a blazing romp and it’s easily to get lost in it over and over? But is it something we turn back to as fondly now? Personally, I’ve moved on, but Local Natives are still very much a part of my life. This very song made my night just an hour ago. I’m intrigued to see who takes this one. “It sounds like we will have a great deal to say to each other.” “I can feel it coming.” “The wait will be worth it.”

@ZackTeibloom The song starts with booing, but it will always end in cheers. It’s so soft and gentle, it would have never stood a chance when we did catchiest song. We would have been stuck with B.O.B.’s “Airplanes” and “Sun Hands” would have gotten a token nom and would have lost to Kanye in round one. But our readers spoke up and they wanted this “Airplanes.” It’s quiet. It’s got gentle harmonies. It’s got unique percussion. It builds. It’s a song for lovers. A song of longing.  I love it all.

I have a history with this song. It’s been featured on mix tapes I’ve made, I’ve gotten lost while driving around with it in my car and tonight it saved me. I’ve been working as a toy helicopter salesman for the past week in Lafayette, LA and it’s been a hell of a ride, but the bane of my existence has been the Glee Christmas album that’s on repeat at the Brookstone I fly helicopters in. Today, enough was enough. When the manager left, I cut the Glee and put on this song. And it rejuvenated me like I hadn’t been on my feet for six days. There’s a far longer version of this story here, but what you need to know in this argument, is that it’s more than a flash in the pan pop song. This is song two of the best debut album of the year. is a tribute to one of the bandmember’s pilot grandfather. Sounds a little more beautiful than a song about a bunch of people’s cousins, doesn’t it?

@AndyShore Zack is right. I went just as Local Natives obsessed as he is after seeing them at FYF Fest. That being said, “Airplanes” isn’ t the first, second or third song I go to on that album. It’s just not. “Cousins” is downright infectious. Zack mentioned unique percussive parts in Local Natives, but they can thank Vampire Weekend for bringing that back to the indie scene. The riffing guitar and rolling snare get your whole body bouncing from the onset. I love the simple bass drum kick on the chorus and the guitar harmonies throughout. Ezra Koenig’s vocal rhythms are quite fun. The video for this song is also really unique and entertaining. It’s got flashes of “Subterranean Homesick Blues” with Koenig flashing different poses, expressions and props in each cut. I do like their “Giving Up the Gun” video better, which features RZA, Joe Jonas, Broke Back mo-fuggin Aquaman (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Lil John.

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