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Kanye West “Power” vs. Gorillaz “Superfast Jellyfish”

Posted by teibs On December - 24 - 2010

gorillazpower@ZackTeibloom Kanye’s Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy got a perfect 10 from Pitchfork this year, while Gorillaz started as Andy’s #1 on his top 10 to see at Coachella and didn’t even crack the top 10 in his reviews. Seems like a pretty open and shut case to me. We’ve had a well-documented love/hate affair with Kanye for years, but with his unintentionally hilarious Twitter feed and unquestionably strong album have swung him back to love for us. Kanye may be as cocky and ridiculous as ever, but he’s got the power. Andy was disappointed that Gorillaz didn’t have giant holograms, but still digs the music. On the other hand, Kanye still delivers live and this song is an anthem. Unless a slew of Gorillaz fans comes by and makes Kanye eat “Superfast Jellyfish” dicks, Kan Kan is moving on. You do know that Kanye loves eating “Superfast Jellyfish” dicks, right?

@AndyShore Zack is right. I didn’t enjoy Gorillaz live. It isn’t even because they didn’t put on a good show. I didn’t give them a chance. They didn’t stand much of a chance really. Atoms for Peace (Thom Yorke and Flea) is a tough act to follow. I was also expecting something else. I’d been lead to believe the Gorillaz live show including giant holograms. I thought it would be an interesting and epic show to close a festival on. It was neither. That does not mean I don’t love their music. I do. I’ve already refuted the importance of “how it plays live” anyways. This song is everything we love about the Gorillaz. Awesome featured artists (De La Soul and Gruff Rhys, the awesomely named Super Furry Animals frontman) and truly unique beats. The hooks are downright weird. Somehow, it all works. Maybe because there’s giant hologram gorillas playing the song in the image it creates in my mind.

@ZackTeibloom “Every superhero needs his theme music.” God damn it, Kanye, you’ve done it again. I’d love to say you made another 808, but this album is fire. When I worked at the mall selling helicopters, it was about a 20-minute drive. I’d just listen to the first three songs day after day, ending with “Power.” It hyped me up just enough to sell helicopters. Yes, it was my theme music. I grew to love the opening track more, what with its “Don’t make me bring the toys out, don’t make me bring the toys” line and everything. But Kanye is back in our good graces, while Gorillaz are on the way out of ours. They rely far too much on guests and bells and whistles. Kanye has the guests as well, but he got rid of the auto-tune and got back to what he does best. Eating “Superfast Jellyfish” dicks for breakfast.

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  1. Mean Mr. Mustard Said,

    I have to say, I’ve never liked Kanye’s stuff. Mostly cuz he’s a bit of an arrogant d-bag.

    I also want to contest the statement that they rely too much on guest artists. Yes, there are many, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t make good music themselves. Besides, there are plenty of tracks w/o a guest… some of which are favorites: Tomorrow Comes Today, On Melancholy Hill, El Mañana.

    Im not just saying this as a fan (I’ve heard this from other people who know both groups well) Kanye is overrated/hyped up too much, and Gorillaz, while completely different, can be a bit misunderstood and under appreciated at times.

    Posted on December 26th, 2010 at 5:21 am

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