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Round 2: “Fuck You” vs. “Tighten Up”

Posted by teibs On December - 26 - 2010

ceelobk@ZackTeibloom You have to love when things work out this well. Spend a few minutes watching each of these videos. It’s shocking how similar the stories of these two are. A classic battle for a woman with the added perspective of kids. “Now ain’t that some shit.” “Tighten Up” was our video of the day for months. Partly because it’s that damn funny and partly because we always forget to change it. I don’t know if we’d ever change Cee-Lo if we made it our feature. He’s won the battle of the Gnarls and will continue to dominate. It’s time to separate the pretenders from the contenders. The Black Keys were able to slide by the indie’s like Yeasayer, but how will they fare in a match-up with a pissed off Cee-Lo who’s not afraid to drop a few f-bombs?

@AndyShore First off, let me just say how disappointed I am that Zack passed on an innuendo joke with “Fuck You” and “Tighten Up.” He also didn’t leave me with much of an argument, giving me the Black Keys. I love them. You love them. They didn’t play “Fuck You.” Maybe you don’t like soul music. I don’t know how that’s possible. I am a soul child. Perhaps if you are soulless, you can vote for “Tighten Up.” Maybe you’ve got the blues. The Black Keys are perfect for that.

@ZackTeibloom This sounds like a made-up story, but it happened. And I have a feeling similar stories have happened all over with the nature of this anthemic song. Last month, two of my friends ran into each other at the closest thing to a “club” that Austin people I know hang out at. I wasn’t there, but I’d have to imagine there was some tension considering the situation. See, George had been dating Marcy for years and they’d recently broken up due to the classic “Should we move in together or break up?” situation. In the weeks since they’d broken up, Marcy had a bit of a fling with a mutual friend, Armon. Since then, George and Marcy got back together and apparently she told George about her little situation with Armon. Now, Armon and George aren’t best friends or anything, so it wasn’t totally breaking the bro code, especially since George was out there hooking up with Marcy’s sworn enemy. OK back to the story. Armon and George are both pretty drunk at this club and they see each other across the room and “Fuck You” comes on. They lock eyes and Armon sings “Fuck You” along to the music and George gets serious and says “No, seriously. ‘I see you driving round town with the girl I love and I’m like Fuck you.’ I know everything.” Armon doesn’t back down, saying he doesn’t want to be Greg’s enemy, but he’s not sorry it happened. It just happened. They didn’t even sleep together. George isn’t the coolest about it, but he knows he’s not gonna start some shit with a guy like Armon, so they let it go and it’s water under the bridge. What I’m trying to say is, this story never happens if “Tighten Up” comes on at the bar. The video may depict the exact scene and it is funny and well done, but it’s not the kind of song that brings these kinds of situations up. Now ain’t that some shit.

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