Monday, December 10, 2018

Round 2: Kanye “Power” vs. Local Natives “Airplanes”

Posted by teibs On December - 29 - 2010

kanlocalnatives@ZackTeibloom You’ve got a choice to make here. Do you want to give it to the most self-hyped, best-reviewed artist of the year or do you want to reward a small indie band who exploded on the scene in their first year by playing a ton of shows and constantly backing up the hype that everyone else gave them? Personally, I lean heavily towards Local Natives, the indie band, on this one. Kanye did everything from bringing out the back-up singers to sampling King Crimson to telling us he wonders if one man should have all that power. Should he? I don’t think so. Do we really need to inflate this man’s ego any further? Local Natives deserves this. They earned it with every perfect song on that debut album, with every harmony, with every inspired show where they played every song in their arsenal. Andy will probably argue that this isn’t his favorite Local Natives song, and that’s fine. This isn’t my favorite Kanye song on the album. It’s “Dark Fantasy.” We didn’t go for the barn burner encore of “Sun Hands.” We went for the subtle “Airplanes.” Subtlety. Something Kan’s never heard of.

@AndyShore Kanye went off the deep end. That’s the nicest way to put it. Luckily for us, he can swim. We should have seen it coming. Not when he released 808s & Heartbreaks. That album was terrible. He went away from what made Kanye so special. Beats that were unlike anyone else was doing. Putting samples and sounds into beats that laughed in the face of people that said rap wasn’t music. We knew he still had it in him when we heard the Blueprint III. With “Power” Kanye mixes King Crimson with tribal chanting and drums. Local Natives only gives you half of that. Kanye’s aim for this new album was creating high art with hip hop. He achieved that with this first single off his latest album by combining the uniqueness of “Power” with a moving painting music video. Zack’s best argument is that you shouldn’t vote for Kanye, because everyone else is doing it. This isn’t the popular kid in high school. This is one of the most respected artists of our generation. Vote for him because he’s among the best at what he does and this song deserves it.

@ZackTeibloom OK, we love Kanye again. It’s nice to have him back in our lives, but Local Natives are such a breath of fresh air. An indie band we can agree on because they’ve got the voices, which always seems to stop Andy from loving this kind of band. As I told you in a previous round, I put on this very song when I had control of the music at Brookstone. What I didn’t tell you was that I listened to the first three tracks of My Dark Twisted Fantasy every day on the way to work. It was my pump-up music. You need a song or two that get you in the mood for whatever you’re doing. But as helpful as that was, I’d rather pick the song that I listen to while doing the actual thing. Kanye gets you hyped up for life. Local Natives is what you listen to while you live it. I’d rather have the one without all the hype.

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