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Semi-Finals: LCD Soundsystem “Dance Yrself Clean” vs. Local Natives “Airplanes”

Posted by teibs On December - 31 - 2010

lcdln@ZackTeibloom Look, I was there. I was there when Local Natives broke out* with a series of shows at SXSW in March. I was there, running to catch them at Coachella. I was there for the in-store at Waterloo and night show at Antone’s for their double dip in Austin. Andy was there when the LA natives put the F Yeah in the FYF fest. We listened to that album so much we almost forgot The Talking Heads were the ones who do “Warning Sign” originally. 2010 was a big breakout for Local Natives and they certainly deserve it, but this was no LCD Soundsystem in 2010. I’m telling you, I was there. They played the show of the year at Stubbs. I was there when Andy went from not a fan at all to having LCD be his favorite show at his favorite festival of the year. This was their year. Front-man James Murphy said this album would be their last and he’d take it for a two year victory lap of a tour. God damn, it sure felt like one with my shirt drenched in sweat, pressed up against the guard rail. LCD is winning this contest. This is happening. 

@AndyShore Zack got ahead of himself. LCD was my SECOND favorite show of my favorite festival. Phish was tops at ACL, and they are still behind Muse, Jay Z and Atoms for Peace at Coachella. One other set I enjoyed more than LCD at ACL? Local Natives at FYF Fest. I was having a terrible day. It was very hot and the line to get into the festival was never-ending. When I finally got in, the lines for water were too long to wait in. I went dehydrated to see comedy before finally scoring some water and heading over to Local Natives. Their multiple rhythms, beautiful harmonies and catchy riffs were exactly what I needed. They’re what everyone needs at one point or another. My favorite part of “Airplanes” is the juxtaposition of the drawn out notes of “all” and “call” in the chorus with this quick “back(s).” It gets my head bobbing back and forth every time.

@ZackTeibloom This is the band that had us re-invent the rating system. I look at that 9.5 and think we need to re-evaluate, because this was 9.8 territory. I took 3 points off because they didn’t play “Dance Yrself Clean” which they were apparently saving for ACL. It makes more sense as a festival song. It would be a travesty if James Murphy makes no more music under LCD Soundsystem, because This is Happening is a revelation. We don’t need you to change, James. This is who we fell in love with. What it comes down to is, do you give the MVP to a rookie who comes out strong or do you give it to a legend who’s submitting a career year? If you were there, you know.

*Caitlin can proudly say she saw Local Natives in December of ’09 at The Beauty Bar when no one heard of them. There’s really no way to tell you that without sounding pretentious, is there? I think it’s cool. OK, I’ll add this to even things out. I like when smaller bands like The Drums and Los Campesinos! have their songs in ads for Volkswagon and Budweiser. Those are great songs. They deserve to be heard. I am for bands refusing to hock for certain products they don’t like, but I’m OK with songs in commercials and I like when little bands I love get big. Unless they get to the point that it’s like Kings of Leon and they’re inescapable. That was just too much.

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