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Successful Crash #44: The MTVu Woodies Awards

Posted by teibs On March - 22 - 2011

woodiesfront@ZackTeibloom I’ll admit it. I did have a printed ticket for The MTVu Woodies Awards show, but it took a crash to get in at all, let alone front row. story, I think you’ll agree a legitimate crash occurred here. A couple days before the awards show, @kibbe of @skoablog asked me if I wanted to help out on the red carpet. If that meant I could hang out with Dave Grohl, Matt and Kim and Sleigh Bells for a bit before the show, I was all for it. But on the afternoon of the show, I got caught up in day drinking at Ezra Furman and having a large glass of whiskey at home before checking out a couple bands at Liberty. I told her I’d be there a little after 8, but didn’t get out of the shower until 7:50. That was when she reminded me that press check-in closed at 8:30. My phone said I was 2.3 miles away, and my head said I was a little passed buzzed. Even if I was OK to drive, it would have been a traffic/parking disaster. I threw on a sportcoat and started jogging. My phone said it would take 38 minutes. I had 31 to spare.

I jogged about five or six blocks before I was sweating enough to take off my jacket and keep running, while awkwardly draping it over my arm.. It’s really hot down here. I then ran into Bennett, a good college friend of Andy and I, and the first person I knew in Austin. “Teibloom? Why are you wet?” “In a rush. See you later.” That was the only time we saw each other during SXSW. I kept alternating running and walking quickly when I ran out of still kind of drunk breath, refreshing my google map until it was clear I’d beat the estimated arrival time. I arrived, dripping sweat, at 8:23 and found @kibbe just in time to check in. That was when it was revealed that her pass would let her into the venue and mine was only good for the red carpet. They gave me a purple, square MTV sticker that looked official. It would come in handy later. As cool as that could potentially be, I had to make sure I’d get into the show. I was told the ticket I had printed had to be retrieved in line in the garage. I figured I could just grab the ticket (since I had priority ticket seating) and come back for the red carpet. It was far, far more complicated than that. As soon as I got into the garage area, I found out why everyone was @sxswhine*ing about the wait. There were two insane lines on either side of the garage and neither was moving. I walked right between the lines to the front and saw they weren’t even checking anyone in yet. I was redirected to two different staff members who told me I’d have to get in line. That wasn’t going to happen. As I was trying to figure out what to do (It’s really hard to jump a line when they aren’t even letting anyone in) an announcement was made that anyone who was given a notecard needed to step out of line and come with them. I took this as my cue. There were three different colored notecards. I later found out that pink meant you were up front for Sleigh Bells, white meant you were front row for the entire show, and I don’t remember what the other notecard was. I folded up my ticket so it was notecard sized and went with that group. This is when it turned into a crash. We were huddled into a corner of the garage and asked to hold our notecards up. I held up my piece of paper and texted @kibbe that I may not be able to make it back to help cover. I never saw her again. She took to the red carpet (pics here from Austinist) and I kept trying to crash.

My friend Alex asked if there was a way to get into the Woodies and told him he’d need a white notecard. He made it to CVS, got a loose one and started to make his way over. After twenty minutes or so of waiting under the garage, they herded our group over to the side of the building. As we were crossing the street, Alex called at the exact perfect time to join the group, unnoticed. He had nothing but a white notecard and all I had was a purple sticker that only let me on the red carpet. That was when we noticed the purple wristbands. Everyone had one on, but us. Somewhere in between trying to look inconspicuous and meeting up with Alex, we managed to not get the essential purple bands.

We got right up to the gate and I flashed my (folded up piece of paper) notecard and pointed to my purple MTV badge. They stopped Alex and asked where his purple wristband was. He turned to walk away, dejectedly and I jumped in and said “He’s with me,” pointing at the MTV sticker. “He’s my writer.” That got us past that checkpoint, but we still weren’t in. We had to line up against the venue, where we were then subjected to a metal detector and ID check and finally, we were finally inside, front row, against the rail. For the most bizarre, fake night of entertainment I’ve been to.

What happened at the Woodies? Why did Pete Wentz forget how to count? Why did the audience get yelled at? Who had the most SWAG? Click on…

*I started @sxswhine during SXSW this year, mostly because I got bored of watching everyone tweet about SXSW while I was bored at work. And the complaining about non-stop free music, food and drinks is preposterous. Check it out. Some good laughs in there, even though it’s now @austwhine.

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