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2011 Coachella Schedule Picks Hour by Hour

Posted by teibs On April - 13 - 2011

coach11@ZackTeibloom I’m not going to Coachella 2011. It hurts me to type that, but that’s how it shook out this year. But if I were doing it (Why do I keep thinking of OJ’s book “If I Did It?”) this would be my planned schedule. As always, there are some tough conflicts, but not too many heartbreakers. The top 4 hardest decisions are: The Black Keys vs. Marina and the Diamonds, Bright Eyes vs. The Kills, The National vs. Duck Sauce vs. Duran Duran, and The Strokes vs. Chromeo vs. Ratatat. You’ll have plenty more tough decisions as the weekend goes on and I don’t even know how to advise you right off the bat on whether to end night one with The Chemical Brothers, Flogging Molly or Gayngs. I’ll be at work all weekend, watching the streams, Retweeting interesting notes and passing along whatever wisdom I can from Austin. You have fun out there for me. Here’s my picks, with a quick reason why for each band.


  • 1:55 Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears- Austin’s funk-soul band will bring it in the afternoon, guaranteed.
  • 2:20 !!!- The only band that deserves the punctuation in their name. Always a fun dance party at festivals.
  • 3:30 Titus Andronius- Just discovered them while writing this. Rocking hard. Much better than Scrillex who was boring DJing MTVu Woodies.
  • 4:10 The Drums- Should have been a bigger indie-rock breakout but at least they got their song in a commercial
  • 4:50 Cee Lo Green- Insert obvious “Fuck You” joke here. OK, we can do better. He’s got a sexy, smooth voice that kills in a festival atmosphere.
  • 5:30 A-Trak- One of the most entertaining DJ’s around, you want to be there for “Barbara Streisand.”
  • 6:05 Lauren Hill- Or Ms. Lauren Hill as she now goes by. You don’t want to…miss her. Oof, sorry for that one.
  • 7:00 Cold War Kids- New album is solid as always, but make sure you leave in time to catch all of the bass explosion that is Sleigh Bells
  • 7:30 Sleigh Bells- It feels like someone put a vibrator deep in your ear. Not that I know what that would feel like…
  • 8:15 Marina and the Diamonds- I saw Marina two nights ago and was completely blown away. Her voice is devastating. Don’t sleep on this show.
  • 8:40 The Black Keys- The reigning song of the year kings on Festival Crashers have been a festival favorite for years and are touring their best album.
  • 10:50 Robyn- She should be the biggest pop star in the world. Instead she opens for Katy Perry. Enjoy her on a smaller stage while you still can.
  • 12:05 Gayngs or Flogging Molly or The Chemical Brothers- pretty weak end to night one if you ask me, but to be fair I just don’t know these three well enough. Pick your own adventure.


  • 2:10 Freelance Whales- Fell in love with them at SXSW ’10, saw them three more times and can’t get enough. Perfect early afternoon relaxing set.
  • 3:35 Gogol Bordello- It would be nice if there was a smoother transition before these raucous gypsy rockers, but do what you gotta do to get wild for this one.
  • 5:15 Glasser- Big time buzz from them at SXSW this year and with good reason. Stunning voice, beautiful album.
  • 6:25 Yelle- This French princess dazzles and you won’t care that you have no idea what she’s saying. She’s made for festivals.
  • 7:20 Bright Eyes- You know how you’ll date a girl and have to listen to her favorite band all the time and you pray you’ll like them. Thankfully, I truly do enjoy Bright Eyes and the new album is their best yet.
  • 7:50 The Kills- Alison Mossheart’s band before she joined Jack for The Dead Weather. Raw rock ‘n’ roll. What’s not to love. Catch some after Bright Eyes if you can.
  • 8:30 Mumford and Sons- The music industry darlings have a ton going for them and seem to be a solid live show from videos I’ve seen.
  • 10:15 Paul Van Dyke- A legendary DJ. I don’t know much else. I’d check it out and head to
  • 11:00 Raphael Saadiq- Wonderful soul. This will be a great warm-up for Arcade Fire, but I’d probably secure a good spot for Arcade Fire.
  • 11:20 Arcade Fire- The Suburbs was the best album of 2010 by any measure and Arcade Fire is a treasure live. I’ve already requested the day off for when they come through Austin.


  • 2:00 Delorean -This band isn’t from the 80s, but they sound like they are. 1.21 gigawats?!
  • 3:45 Wiz Khalifa- Seems a bit out of place, but I was shocked how good he sounded live at the MTVu Woodies. The video of me singing along is the whitest moment of my life.
  • 5:00 Nas & Damian Marley- They go together extremely well. They were the surprise show at SXSW Fader Fort last year and hit the spot. If you still got ’em after Wiz, smoke ’em.
  • 6:10 Death from Above 1979- They caused a riot at SXSW this year. Find out why.
  • 7:25 The National or Duck Sauce or Duran Duran- This one totally depends on your mood and your friends. I’d hit The National 5/10 times, Duran Duran 3/5 times (For Rob Sheffield) and Duck Sauce 2/10 times (You can already see A-Trak.)
  • 8:25 Ratatat/8:35 Chromeo If you wanna keep the dance party going, you gotta go to Chromeo, but Ratatat isn’t a bad choice.
  • 8:55 The Strokes We’re now in the “we’re gonna be late” part of the festival.” Stay late at Chromeo, because The Strokes are always late. But they’ll bring it.
  • 10:30 Kanye Same deal here. Odds are you’ll be at The Strokes and won’t leave the stage, so soak in the festival weekend and talk about your favorites loudly in case a cute girl is nearby and you can strike up a conversation. Then get ready for that Beautiful, Dark Twisted Fantasy. Kanye may be a huge douche, but he’ll send you out in style.

Have a great festival. Wish I was joining you in the desert.

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  1. TXn Said,

    1:55 Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears-
    3:30 Titus Andronius-
    4:10 The Drums-
    4:50 Cee Lo Green-
    5:50 Tame Impala-
    7:25 Interpol-
    8:40 The Black Keys-
    10:50 Crystal Castles-
    12:05 Gayngs –

    1:30 Trampled By Turtles-
    3:15 Foals-
    4:05 Delta Spirit –
    4:50 Erykah Badu-
    7:20 Bright Eyes-
    7:50 The Kills-
    8:30 Mumford and Sons-
    9:45 Animal Collective-
    11:20 Arcade Fire-

    12:15 Phosphorescent-
    1:20 Menomena-
    2:00 Dolorean-
    3:05 OFF!-
    5:00 Nas & Damian Marley-
    6:10 Death from Above 1979-
    7:25 The National-
    8:55 The Strokes

    10:30 LEAVE EARLY :)

    Posted on April 14th, 2011 at 6:09 am

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