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Cee Lo Green: Talking to Strangers featuring Grace Potter & the Nocturnals

Posted by shore On May - 10 - 2011

gpceelo@AndyShore I jumped at the opportunity, when I saw Grace Potter post on Facebook saying they needed people for the studio audience for a taping of Cee Lo Green’s new talk show on Fuse. Those are two of my favorite artists in one place, and Cee Lo has proven to be as funny as I expected on the Voice. I could only imagine the hilarious back and forth between Cee Lo and Grace. Unfortunately I still can only imagine, but more on that later.

After checking in, we were ushered into one line . Two hours and some conversation about Jack Sparrow and the hilarity of Michael Bolton with the cute girls next us in line later, and we were being let in. No, not into the studio. Into another line. We were living the Seinfeld bit about moving from the waiting room to the smaller waiting room.

We were finally let into the studio and I was sat front row, right in front of Grace’s mic. Perfect. Grace and the Nocs were introduced to the crowd and were on stage for final touch ups. We were told Cee Lo would be doing intros for the band from some unseen location and then the band would perform. But not the whole song. Just enough to give you some big ol’ rock and roll blue balls. Full songs were to come later. This is also about the time when they told us that the shows interview portion would not be filmed in front of an audience.

You rarely get to see a band doing the behind the scenes stuff, but it great to see the band goofing around with each other. There is a lot of down time in between takes of songs when taping for a TV show. Grace and the rest of the band made sure to keep all of us entertained. Benny Yurco showed what true band love is, by picking Cat Popper’s nose for her. Grace marveled at Benny’s chest hair in the deep-v they had him wear for TV. This led to some conversation amongst the band about Grace’s chest and Cat grabbing herself a handful and proclaiming that her fingerprints would be all over Grace’s titties on TV. From Cee Lo’s undisclosed location, all we could here was, “Did someone just say titties?”

When Cee Lo did make his brief appearance in front of the audience, the only thing he did was flirt with Grace about her Flying V guitar. He never acknowledged the audience for his TV show once. Luckily Grace Potter & the Nocturnals appreciate their audience. When one girl told Grace she’d taken a 4 hour train ride just to see her perform, Grace thanked her and told everyone that they would always make it worth our while.

When Grace popped a guitar string, she even managed to entertain us while they restrung it. First she took a request from the crowd to do “Colors.” They ran through the chorus, but it’s not the high energy crowd pleasers that they’d been banging out. Grace announced to the band she’d rather do a song they didn’t know. This led to a hilarious attempt at Motorhead’s “The Ace of Spades” and a brief “Fuck You.” Grace decided it was too embarrassing to do the latter in front of Cee Lo.

All the wait was worth it. The four song set included “Only Love” with Grace on her B3 as well as “Medicine” and “Paris (Ooh La La)” on the Flying V. The set also featured a cover of Beyonce’s “What Don’t You Love Me.” The Nocturnals lit a fire under that song. The problem is, we DO love you Grace, because you make you so easy to love.

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