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American Idol Finale – Season 10 Results Show

Posted by shore On May - 26 - 2011

aisten@AndyShore I was shocked when Zack requested I write about the American Idol Season 10 Finale Results Show taping I attended yesterday. Especially after two years of Zack complaining about my live blogging of the show. Being there live was truly a unique experience. I will probably never again be able to say I saw Judas Priest, Beyonce and Tony Bennett all in one show. One because it doesn’t happen, and two because unlike Zack, I don’t have dreams involving Dave Grohl and rainbow sequenced hot pants. The actual results of Idol Season 10 took a backseat. Both because of the awesome acts on the stage that weren’t Idol contestants, and more importantly, because I honestly don’t care about the two finalists.

The first thing I can say about the results show is that we can now quantify how attractive Zack and I are in terms of live taping placement in the audience. Zack pointed out that he was first row attractive at the MTVu Woody Awards. I’m first row attractive too…just in the balcony.

The first highlight of the show was James Durbin performing with Judas Priest. As an impressionable youth, I spent more time than I’d care to admit impersonating Beavis and Butthead doing “Breaking the Law” with my friend Eric. Seeing it performed live officially allowed me to cross one item off my music bucket list.

My favorite moment of the night was with Casey Abrams and Jack Black. Anyone that recalls the debate between Zack and I as to whether we were more Wayne and Garth or Jables and Rage Cage should understand how much I would enjoy this. The duo performed “Fat Bottomed Girls” together, complete with dueling scat solos. They clearly had a good time performing together, holding back laughs as they finished their number nose to nose. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, actors that are also rock stars have some of the best stage presence I’ve ever seen. Watching Jables work a stage will never get old.

I had another nostalgic moment later in the show. TLC (well…T & C…RIP Lisa “Lefteye Lopes) performed “No Scrubs” and “Waterfalls.” Lil Jon was filling in as the L, but really just did a verse to hype up the crowd before the ladies took the stage. I am fairly certain that “Waterfalls” was playing the first time I made out with a girl.

Sure, seeing Gaga perform one song live was cool, Tom Jones being anywhere was hilarious and Scotty McCreery held his own with Tim McGraw. I don’t have much interesting to say about any of that. What I can discuss is the presence of Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Carrie Underwood all on one stage. Zack and I may have decided we were more D than Wayne’s Word, but I wasn’t the only one thinking SHWING during those performances. Bey and J Lo shook their lady parts so vigorously I’m still not certain I’ve awoken from the hypnotic state it put me in. As for Carrie Underwood…

Oh, and SpiderBono was awful. Just truly terrible. The acrobatics from the Spidermen were unimpressive and the song was bad. Go because you might see someone die, not because the show might be good. All in all, great night and congrats to Scotty McCreedy on winning Season 10 of American Idol. Hopefully you’ll be closer to the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, rather than Taylor Hicks and Lee Dewyze.

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