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18 Holes with The Boxing Lesson

Posted by teibs On June - 7 - 2011

boxspace@ZackTeibloom Austin’s The Boxing Lesson sends their outer space EP Muerta into the stratosphere officially today on iTunes (Buy Muerta on iTunes) and they’re in a happy place these days. My girlfriend, Caitlin, and I met Paul and Jaylinn at Peter Pan golf for 18 holes to relax and talk after a day of floating the river. If you’re wondering, yes we were still a little drunk and yes, it was hard to take notes and play mini golf at the same time, but it was a blast. At Peter Pan, they have you pick the hard or easy course. We chose the hard course, but decided to break our interview into two parts, with me taking the 9 difficult holes and Caitlin taking the easy 9 holes on Austin Writes Music.

Here’s 9 of the toughest holes The Boxing Lesson have struggled through: Warning- there is a picture of the most gruesome finger injury you’ve ever seen.

  1. [Par 3]- The Boxing Lesson’s contract with their longtime manager Ryan ended in February 2011. They tried to negotiate and couldn’t come to an agreement. The Boxing Lesson went their own ways and have been DIY ever since.
  2. [Par 2]- On the second hole, there was a steep incline and Paul hit it up the hill three times and had it roll right back down the hill and he had to start all over again. He never broke a smile, re-focused and tapped in for a 5.
  3. chopfinger[Par 5]- “6 days before that tour, i chopped 1/3 of my left hand pointer finger off in a Stir-Fry accident. I was attempting to cut scallions, and instead cut myself. It literally made a popping sound.I had to re-learn all my parts in 5 days with my main bass finger sticking straight up in the air. I was “#1″ in every picture after that.” -Jaylinn
  4. [Par 5]- The Boxing Lesson’s old drummer Jake Mitchell, who is now in jail, plays on two songs on Muerta. His wife cried when she heard the songs.
  5. [Par 3]- They were stuck without a drummer for SXSW ’11, prompting Jaylinn to send Venny a text message: “How would you like to get Boxing Lesson out of a jam…or into one. Waka waka.”
  6. [Par 5]- “In 2004, I let a “friend” crash in my apartment while I was going out of town for about a week and a half. When I returned, my door had an abandoned sticker on it and the door was open. I looked in and there was NOTHING LEFT but dust balls. I had a breakdown. Filed a police report for like $70,000 worth of gear, etc.  I lost EVERYTHING INCLUDING ALL MY MUSIC GEAR – I was a serious collector, had many amps, guitars, pedals, synths, recording gear, mics, etc.” -Paul
  7. [Par 5]- “Months later, I saw my 1964 Fender Super Reverb on eBay. I knew it was my amp right away.  I asked for serial number and the seller wouldn’t give it up.  I remembered a tear in the tolex above the volume knob. I remembered blue chalk on the baffle inside near the speakers.  The eBay auction said, “AMP OF YOUR DREAMS.”  I was like , “NO SHIT!” Jaylinn bid on it and won the auction for like $1800 and they were trying to rush her to send payment. Instead, we sent the LAPD who recovered about 80% of my music gear and NONE OF MY PERSONAL GEAR and made no arrests.” -Paul.
  8. [Par 4] “We drove this horrendous drive to IL in the dead of winter to record at Daytrotter and when we got there, the Moog was frozen and I couldn’t play it. We were there to record Dark Side of the Moog too! So it was Dark Side of the Junop instead.” -Jaylinn
  9. [Par 4]- Paul is still in pain from a November car accident where a bunch of 16 year-olds t-boned him while he was in the passenger seat. He’ll need expensive shoulder surgery to correct it this summer. “Does that come out in the music?” Caitlin asked. Paul quickly says “No.” “He keeps that in a different spot,” Jaylinn explains.

Click here to read the back 9 holes on Austin Writes Music. Don’t worry, it gets better for our friends. Paul even knocks down a beer with a shot!

And of course, don’t forget their show this weekend! We’re giving away two tickets. Like the story on Facebook, or RT on Twitter to enter by Friday at noon 6/10. Or you can just comment on the story. As long as I see it, you’re entered.


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