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Global Soul at the Hollywood Bowl 7/24/11

Posted by shore On July - 25 - 2011

@AndyShore Soul music comes in all sorts of packages. Ricky Minor (former the American Idol bandleader currently with Leno) put together a show that would showcase soul music from all over the world. The purpose was to educate as well as entertain. The goal was to raise money for the Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles (YOLA). Soul music fans come in all shapes and sizes too (look no further than this Jewish soul child), and the Hollywood Bowl was packed with them. There was no doubt in my mind that I would attend this show when I saw the lineup, and it really didn’t even take too much convincing to get my no-income brother to pry open his wallet for a ticket either. Read the rest of this entry »

ACL 2011 Schedule Breakdown

Posted by shore On July - 13 - 2011

@AndyShore I had a cold the week before last that put me out of commission to do anything. Zack bucked up to get through a quick episode of the Podcrash. We discuss the ACL 2011 schedule, its highlight, lowlights and conflicts. Do we see Kanye West or Coldplay, Ray Lamontagne or Big Boi? I think Sunday sucks and Zack agrees. Can you recommend any good bands for us to see on Sunday that we missed? Hope to see some of you in Austin to celebrate great music…and my birthday. Read the rest of this entry »

Austin Music Photo Competition for Easy Canvas Prints

Posted by teibs On July - 5 - 2011

@ZackTeibloom I’m excited to announce that I’m moving in with my girlfriend Caitlin of Austin Writes Music in two weeks, and we’re going to need some music portraits to fill our walls. That’s where you come in. We’re running a two-part contest. The Festival Crashers side of the contest is this: You send in a picture of one of the following shows that Caitlin and I saw together, and if it’s our favorite, we will give you a canvas print (14″x11″) and put a copy on our wall in the new apartment. You can pick from any of these: Read the rest of this entry »

Louis Armstrong: America’s Son

Posted by teibs On July - 4 - 2011

Guest post by Monte Monreal

There is a short list of American icons whose stature looms so large, it somehow swallows their catalog: John Wayne, Elvis, and Louis Armstrong. It’s an awkward place to hold in the pantheon. Even after decades, these men haven’t disappeared from the public consciousness like so many before them, but the other, and perhaps more tragic part of this phenomenon is that this sustained awareness is built around some flesh and blood caricature of that person versus the tangible work left behind. These men have been reduced to shaking hips, a funny singing voice, and the apocryphal line “Well hello there, pilgrim.” (So yeah, they riff the shit out of the ‘pilgrim’ bit in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, but yeah….no….)

In so many ways, these guys allowed it to happen. John Wayne never dared to evolve into a character outside of himself. Louis was perhaps a little too eager to puff out his cheeks and bulge his eyes for every photo-op. Elvis basically did an Elvis impersonation for the last five years of his career, but if you can peel back the self-parody, there is the core of the core truth. These men are bigger than legends, they are fixtures. And I use fixture in the most commonplace way possible. Like, these men are the sinks and electrical outlets and toilets of the “America as a house” analogy. They are so ever present, we’ve forgotten what a marvel they are. The shockwave generated by these men ripples beneath the American identity, and still, the at times invisible body of work is the reason why any of these men matter. It’s the power when John Wayne first shows on screen in Stagecoach It’s the moment in that sweaty summer of 1954 when stylus hit the groove and “That’s Alright (Mama),” came out of the speakers. It’s that day in February of 1928 when Louis Armstrong walked into O’keh studios to record side #8597 and forever change the direction of American music. Read the rest of this entry »

Unwitting shower duet

Posted by shore On July - 1 - 2011

@AndyShore For this story to make any sense, you need to know two things first. One, there is no exhaust fan in the bathroom of my apartment. Instead, there is a window. The thing is, the window is in the shower. Granted, it’s frosted and you can’t see in or out. The window opens from both the top and bottom. It goes from just above my junk to just over my head. Generally when I take a shower, I crack the top part a little bit. The other thing you need to know is that outside of that window is a large parking lot used by the doctors offices that are part of the hospital I live near. I suppose there is a third thing you should probably know…I tend to sing in the shower. Read the rest of this entry »

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