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Tig Notaro Preview 8/29 at Alamo Ritz

Posted by teibs On August - 28 - 2011

@ZackTeibloom It’s a bit cocky to name your comedy album Good One, but cocky isn’t really Tig’s style. The “Good One” robot is just a character from Tig’s impressive arsenal. She doesn’t tweet, she’s not in your face and she’s pretty low-key, but she’ll surprise you. You probably know Tig best from her role as a cop on “The Sarah Silverman Program,” and you’ll get a brief taste of Sarah if you listen to the album, as she intros Tig. It’s obvious why Silverman is such a champion of Tig. Whether she’s doing an impression of a clown horn, or even an impression of an impression (below), she’s got a unique soothing voice that swallows you up with its monotony, but reels you in for her punchlines. Her extremely long, no-way-did-that-actually-happen Taylor Dayne story and self-defense against sharks stories are painfully awkward and repetitive, but really deliver. Make sure you get out to see her Monday night.

YouTube Preview Image

Get Tickets to the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz Show Here. Tig goes on at 10 for $10.    

It’s sure to be a: Good one.

The Time I Bombed at Air Sex

Posted by teibs On August - 24 - 2011

@ZackTeibloom I was born to Air Sex … or so I thought. Break down the components and it’s basically a list of my favorite things: Music, bizarre dancing*, comedy based in sexual innuendo and being the center of attention. It’s all there. How could I not participate when @AirSex tweeted that they were looking for volunteers for Tuesday nights show? Having seen the show a couple of times before, I figured that I’d want a costume. The only costume I have is Jack White from my Halloween, so that was it. I told Caitlin I was thinking about doing it and she was understandably wishy-washy, but said she knew I’d do it no matter what and she wanted to support me. She insisted that she wanted to be in it, and I was more than happy to oblige. I listened to The White Stripes** until an idea for a scene came to me. I decided to piece together a mix on Garage Band and settled on this two and a half minute routine:

I sit in a chair on stage and the intro to “My Doorbell” plays. Caitlin walks on stage, dressed as Meg White, and taps my shoulder with a drumstick. I lower my sunglasses and stand up to dance with her as “Fell in Love with a Girl” comes on. We shimmy forward and backward twice, I spin her around and grab her tush. She looks at me in disgust and slaps the sunglasses off my face. “Oh Meg, don’t be rude” from “Rag and Bone” plays and she walks off stage. “I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself” comes on as I mope around the stage, pouting and simulate a jerking off motion on a plastic Guitar Hero Guitar during the first two guitar strums. I then simulate blowing up a blow-up doll and dancing with it. Then I just had a loose plan to have air sex with the doll for a couple minutes and end with a simulated orgasm (to the guitar solo of “Ball and a Biscuit” and then hop off stage to “Hardest Button to Button.” Seemed pretty air tight, eh? What went wrong?

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Easy Canvas Contest Winner

Posted by teibs On August - 11 - 2011

@ZackTeibloom Not only were our new Easy Canvas Prints the first pieces of art in our living room, we put them up before unpacking our plates and bowls. I mean, a week before. The lights are directed on them. They frame the couch. They’re the centerpiece of the apartment. I’m getting ahead of myself. A couple weeks ago Festival Crashers and Austin Writes Music ran a contest with Easy Canvas to find our favorite concert photos. Over here at Festival Crashers, we were looking for the best photo of a show Caitlin and I had seen. There were some real gems, but a photo of Arcade Fire stole the show.

The winning photo was by Chad Wadsworth <–click for more of his awesome stuff. Caitlin chose a photo of our local favorite, Little Lo. Click here for her post. Thanks to everyone for playing. Check out  Easy Canvas Prints to make your own canvas and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Read the rest of this entry »

Lollapalooza 2011 Podcrash Recap

Posted by teibs On August - 10 - 2011

@ZackTeibloom Good times abounded at Lollapalooza 2011. We’ll say some things that may surprise you, like why we’re anti some crashing methods and how the rain was the best thing that could have happened at Lollapalooza 2011. Coldplay a top-3 show? Eminem vs. MMJ? Cee-Lo sucks. It was a lively discussion. We went almost 40 minutes. Hope you enjoy hanging with me, Andy and Caitlin.


@ZackTeibloom On the final day of the festival, the festival gods said, (1:3) “Let there be pass backs and there were pass backs.” There’s no festival bible yet,* but this will certainly be a proclamation when one is written. I couldn’t get my best friend or my girlfriend to give me their wristband on Saturday, but Sunday? Even my girl who puts her emergency brake on when parking on completely flat land and asks, “Is it legal to park next to street lamps?” was happy to assist in a pass back. After meeting up with Jess “always has a sport bottle of wine at a fest,” for lunch, I paid for our cab to Grant Park, knowing she’d be hooking me up shortly.

We found ourselves on the side entrance, and decided to try our luck there. Jess and Caitlin walked in, while I stood outside tweeting and holding onto two umbrellas.** They played it coy and hung around for a few minutes inside the fest, which was a tad unnecessary, but I appreciated their stealthiness. As I got to the point of … OK where are they already … Caitlin walked out as I had picked up my phone to call her.  Read the rest of this entry »

Young the Giant Might be Giants Soon

Posted by teibs On August - 8 - 2011

@ZackTeibloom After one album, Young the Giant has one headline-ready hit, three stronger songs and then a bunch of filler. It was enough to string together a great early afternoon set on the main stage, which they filled admirably. Lead singer Sameer Gadhia is a star in the making. He has the swagger needed to pull off the daunting task of a main stage gig, with his two vocal mics bolstering his explosive singing.

They started the set with the slower, “I Got” which Gadhia crooned before yelling, “Are you ready for a festival?” into two microphones. He announced that they were just back from Australia before getting into “My Apartment.” The Lolla crowd waved their arms back and forth for “Cough Syrup,” and not just up front. The love stretched dozens of rows back, as the young band found tons of new fans at their 1 p.m. Friday set.

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Successful Crash #45: Lollapalooza 2011 Day 2

Posted by teibs On August - 8 - 2011

@ZackTeibloom “We just saw the striped sweatshirt go bounce, bounce, bounce, back.” That’s Jeff describing watching me try to use an already-scanned 3-day pass on Saturday. On the third bounce, the guy scanned the ticket, said “This was first scanned Friday” and ripped it in half. I then retreated back to Jeff and Jordan and we started the trek to the media entrance. We had to walk all the way around the park, and decided to check out the Volunteer entrance, but even that had a gate with wristbands we didn’t have.

20 minutes later, we came to an impass. We were at the far end of the field at a bridge that connected to the media entrance, but they weren’t letting anyone in there, since media check-in was closed. Never mind the fact that there were three of us and none of us had media credentials. I had slipped on a green SXSW ’11 wristband and a blue Rock ‘n Roll hall of fame wristband in addition to my commemorative Lollapalooza laminate that said “Not valid for entry to the park” written plainly on it. Why? It never hurts to have extra passes. Someone could just assume it’s the right one. Security wasn’t buying it. They made us go even farther around. Every 15 feet, there was a guard waiting behind the fence, with this sign, clearly posted everywhere. Not a great start. Read the rest of this entry »

The Foo Fighters Reign Supreme at Lollapalooza 2011

Posted by teibs On August - 8 - 2011

@ZackTeibloom If anyone would embrace the rain and let it fuel their performance, it would be The Foo Fighters. Despite The Arctic Monkeys being 15 minutes late from the downpour that delayed them, Dave Grohl and company reported for duty a minute early, at 7:59 and played an incredible 20-song set to close down Lollapalooza 2011 in style. “I don’t give a fuck if it’s raining,” Grohl bellowed to the muddy, drenched Lollapalooza masses. “You stinky fuckers finally got a bath.” We wish. He’d just led his band through “The Pretender” after blazing through a couple new tracks from Wasting Light, their latest, and first #1 album in the U.S.

After a brief dry spell when they started playing, the rains poured down even harder as Grohl led a wet sing-a-long for “My Hero.” He kept his trademark arc going, where he lets the song build, crescendo, and come to a complete stop before rousing ever more chorus singing from the faithful who had made it this far. Somewhere between the 20-minute rain delay before Arctic Monkeys, the rain during their set, and the full sky-stretching rainbow, the crowd gave in and accepted their fate. They were muddy, cold and wet. They might as well make the most of it. Read the rest of this entry »

Eminem at Lollapalooza 2011

Posted by shore On August - 7 - 2011

@AndyShore Eminem often gets put in the GOAT (greatest of all time) conversation. I never saw it. No, not because he was white. The Beastie Boys belong in that conversation too. It’s because my first impression of Eminem was goofy, juvenile songs that my friends loved in junior high. The truth is, his content got deeper as he grew as an artist. He resonates with my generation. The cameras even caught one girl on the screen in tears. As I turned to my friend last night during the show to confirm just how awesome Eminem was, a stranger turned around and added: “We grew up with him. He is ours. This IS fucking awesome.” Read the rest of this entry »

Coldplay at Lollapalooa 2011

Posted by shore On August - 6 - 2011

@AndyShore If there is one thing I learned from seeing Coldplay at Lollapalooza, it’s never underestimate the power of a simple melody that a large crowd can sing along to. Coldplay has made a career of it. Their fans love them for it. At many points during the evening the band sat back and enjoyed the chorus of fans. Being so close to the stage, we could hear just how loud the singing was. We all sounded great, if I do say so myself. For me, Coldplay is one of those bands that has more hits than you ever remember them having. Part of it is because it’s easy to forget how long they’ve been doing for. I guess I’m just old enough now that I remember these bands coming onto the scene. My body agrees right now with how old that makes me feel. Read the rest of this entry »

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