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Coldplay at Lollapalooa 2011

Posted by shore On August - 6 - 2011

@AndyShore If there is one thing I learned from seeing Coldplay at Lollapalooza, it’s never underestimate the power of a simple melody that a large crowd can sing along to. Coldplay has made a career of it. Their fans love them for it. At many points during the evening the band sat back and enjoyed the chorus of fans. Being so close to the stage, we could hear just how loud the singing was. We all sounded great, if I do say so myself. For me, Coldplay is one of those bands that has more hits than you ever remember them having. Part of it is because it’s easy to forget how long they’ve been doing for. I guess I’m just old enough now that I remember these bands coming onto the scene. My body agrees right now with how old that makes me feel.

@ZackTeibloom Some of the first monster cheers of the day came before Coldplay went on, with the inspired choice of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” on the P.A. The crowd sang along emphatically, getting ready for what would be an hour and a half full of sing-alongs. We saw fireworks on the other side of the field before they burst over us, early in the show. “Is anybody out there? I said, is anybody out there?!” Chris Martin screamed. “Hello everybody, good to be here.”Yellow light flooded the stage and we knew what was coming.

@Andyshore Just two songs into the set Coldplay dropped into “Yellow.” It says a lot about a band that can play a hit that big so early on and still have an arsenal to choose from. Chris Martin and co. are consummate performers. They know how to work a crowd. Martin has one move where he reaches down low and then swings his arms to the skies. It brings a roar from the crowd every time. It’s not his dice move. He uses it at just the right times. My favorite was his windmill dance when he’s twirling with his arms swinging out to his sides.
Coldplay 02

@ZackTeibloom Martin does have more than the dice move, and more hits than just “Yellow.” He moves with the side to side bounce of Bruce Springsteen and followed “Yellow” with “In my Place” as the “How long must I have to wait” chorus rang out. “It took 20 years for us to get to Lollapalooza. You’ve made 4 young, well, we’re not young anymore, guys’ dreams come true. We’re gonna give it everything we fucking got” Chris Martin said. Then they played a slow one before kicking it back up with “Lost” as massive balloons bounced around the room.

@AndyShore This was Coldplay’s first show back in the U.S. in quite some time. Martin informed us they were going to give their all for such an occasion. They certainly delivered. Hits after hits piled up. “Lost!” “The Scientist” and “Violet Hill” were the crowd pleasers they were meant to be. Though none other more so than “Viva La Vida.” The ooo-OOO-ooo’s from the crowd went on and on.

@ZackTeibloom “The Scientist was a revelation, and the first time Caitlin cried all weekend*. “Shiver” followed it up perfectly. The “open up your eyes!” chant of “Politics” and the “Ooh! oh, oh, oh’s” were unavoidably enjoyable. At one point, I made a note, “Clocks!” “Screams!” “Lasers!”

@AndyShore Even after two other songs to close the set, the crowd was going back to them to lure Coldplay back to the stage for an encore. What an encore it was. “Clocks” began just as I was racking my brain trying to figure out which hits they hadn’t played yet. Then Martin began a sing-songy tribute to Amy Winehouse with a bit of “Rehab.” I guess it makes sense as the intro to “Fix You.” If the intro was off putting to some, it was erased as soon as the song got going. It was the highlight of the night for me. Fireworks erupted at the songs peak (I only wish the debris hadn’t rained down on us). Sure Coldplay hasn’t put out an album in a few years, but they have released a new single recently. They left us on a fresh note with the new single, “Every Raindrop is a Waterfall.”

@ZackTeibloom Even with the fireworks exploding literally onto us, it was a fantastic show, filled with tons of sing-alongs to truly great songs, lasers and no sight of Gwyneth Paltrow. Everything you’d want from a headliner. 9.5/10

*The over-under on Caitlin crying at shows is 3. We’re only at one after day one, and after a cry-free Bright Eyes set, the under is looking like a surprise winner.

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