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Successful Crash #46: “Let There Be Pass Backs” Lollapalooza Day 3

Posted by teibs On August - 8 - 2011

@ZackTeibloom On the final day of the festival, the festival gods said, (1:3) “Let there be pass backs and there were pass backs.” There’s no festival bible yet,* but this will certainly be a proclamation when one is written. I couldn’t get my best friend or my girlfriend to give me their wristband on Saturday, but Sunday? Even my girl who puts her emergency brake on when parking on completely flat land and asks, “Is it legal to park next to street lamps?” was happy to assist in a pass back. After meeting up with Jess “always has a sport bottle of wine at a fest,” for lunch, I paid for our cab to Grant Park, knowing she’d be hooking me up shortly.

We found ourselves on the side entrance, and decided to try our luck there. Jess and Caitlin walked in, while I stood outside tweeting and holding onto two umbrellas.** They played it coy and hung around for a few minutes inside the fest, which was a tad unnecessary, but I appreciated their stealthiness. As I got to the point of … OK where are they already … Caitlin walked out as I had picked up my phone to call her. 

We walked a few unnecessary blocks and then she handed me the wristband. I was able to slip it on my wrist within 15 seconds and it felt incredibly snug. We walked back to the entrance and didn’t even wait the 15-minutes that they make you wait before re-entering the fest. Caitlin was waved through and I was waved through, but towards a security checkpoint to see what was up with my wristband. What happened was that Caitlin was unable to scan both her and Jess’ wristband on the way out, so Jess’ was still checked in. I walked tentatively towards the checkpoint of four employees huddled together, but was already past the entrance. As I got closer to them, one of them saw my secure wristband and waved me through with a “Oh, don’t worry about it” look. I didn’t. The entire process took all of 10 minutes. I gave Jess back her wristband and she was pretty beat, and intended on selling that bad boy***. Many thanks, Jess and Caitlin. Rock stars, the both of you.

(1:4) And the Festival Crasher saw the pass back and it was good. And the pass back divided the crashers from the suckers.

*You know we’ll write one one day. We have ideas. Big ones.

**Those umbrellas really had a hell of a journey. We needed them to get to lunch when it was pouring, but once we got to the fest, these oversized umbrellas were a huge burden. It was muggier than a mug full of muggles, held by a mugger all damn day, with no sign of rain. Then, around 5 p.m. there was a big chill through the fest followed by a torrential downpour. We made a lot of friends with those umbrellas, danced with them, and I even knocked Andy in the face with one.

*** “‎ An hour later and $120.00 richer I walked to the El with a sun burnt nose and a smile on my face. You’re welcome.” -Jess’ explanation on Facebook.

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  1. Bish Said,

    Loved reading the details of # 46, and just 4 miles north of your very first crash more than 20 years ago. Honored to have witnessed the original, and the “Good Vibrations.”

    Posted on August 12th, 2011 at 8:52 pm

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