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Kanye West @ ACL 2011

Posted by shore On September - 17 - 2011

@AndyShore How do you let everyone know that you know you’re bigger than every other artist at ACL 2011? Make the entrance that Kanye West made on Friday night. First a giant curtain dropped to reveal what looked like ruins of Roman sculptures. Then the music and ballet/Runaway dancers started. At the first “can we get much higher?” from “Dark Fantasy” Kanye began to rise from a platform near the soundboard in the middle of the massive crowd. After performing the opener from above the audience,  he then took a long stroll back up to the stage, reveling in the cheers from the crowd.

Kanye has grown into his role as a performer. He was awkward and sometimes uncomfortable to watch during the Glow in the Dark Tour. He appears to have come out the other end of his Taylor Swift controversy a more confident artist. His headlining set at ACL 2011 proved it. The crowd hung on every single song, singing as one massive choir anytime Kanye requested.

Hits flowed throughout the set. New mixed with old and each song has the crowd more excited than the last. A “PYT” intro segued into “Welcome to the Good Life” as I reminisced on when T-Pain was a thing. I was even willing to forgive a brief foray into 808s and Heartbreaks with “Love Lockdown” and “Heartless” when he followed it with older hits “Touch the Sky” and “Gold Digger.”


“All of the Lights” and “Stronger” began the home stretch. Kanye reminded us we wouldn’t be seeing any artist perform that many hits on one night on one stage. You know…except for maybe Stevie Wonder the following night (respect your elders homey). An extended “Runaway” complete with dancers could have ended the set nicely. So could the “Lost in the World” that followed. Instead, Kanye Her Majesty’d himself a bit by performing one chorus of “Hey Mama.”


  1. Act 1
  2. H.A.M.
  3. Dark Fantasy
  4. Power
  5. Jesus Walks
  6. Can’t Tell Me Nothing
  7. Hell of a Life
  8. Monster
  9. Flashing Lights
  10. Good Life
    (Michael Jackson “P.Y.T.” intro)

Act 2

  1. Love Lockdown
  2. Heartless
  3. Pinocchio Story
  4. Run This Town
    (Jay-Z cover) (Partial)
  5. Niggas in Paris
    (Teaser – One line only)
  6. Through the Wire
  7. All Falls Down
  8. Touch the Sky
  9. Gold Digger
  10. All of the Lights
    (Started over in the middle of 1st verse)
  11. Stronger

Act 3

  1. Runaway
  2. Lost in the World
  3. Hey Mama

4 Responses

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    Posted on September 18th, 2011 at 7:14 am

  2. Mitch Said,

    Well, let’s see. I don’t do Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other Sicail Medias and since I know you are WAY TOO busy when you are at a Festival, I figure this is one way I can wish you a Happy B-Day. You should be glad you were at the Festival yesterday and NOT watching Jay Boy get Carimied 6 times. BTW: Bear Jew is out for a bit with a sprained knee. Oooops. Can you say HELP!! I need somebody. Like the Beatles reference?? Love Dad.

    Posted on September 19th, 2011 at 12:41 pm

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  4. Jebbica Said,

    This sounds like an amazing show! I am the only person I know who likes Kanye, but I would have been there with bells on if I could have. Wow. So jealous of you right now.

    Posted on September 20th, 2011 at 10:26 am

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