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Mutemath on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Posted by shore On October - 5 - 2011

mutemathjkl1 300x189 Mutemath on Jimmy Kimmel Live@AndyShore I suppose I should start this with something that is sure to be exciting news for Zack. I found a new exception to the 24-hour rule: If you’re seeing a band the day their new album comes out. Yesterday Mutemath’s brand new album, Odd Soul, debuted. To celebrate, they booked a performance on the Bud Light concert series on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Previously, I’d seen Usher and Mark Ronson on that stage. It was always a fun way to see an artist with a relatively small crowd. That said, it was always a rather typical LA crowd. Mutemath changed all that.

I opted to skip the taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live and only see Mutemath. I wasn’t the only one with that idea. There was a long line, over an hour before we would be let in. Dedicated Mutemath fans were out in full force to celebrate the album release. As Kimmel was wrapping his show inside at the El Capitan theater, Mutemath took their places on stage as the cameras got set. Paul Meany and the band looked genuinely thrilled by the large turnout and screams being directed their way. A show producer came on stage to explain that during the band’s performance, they would be throwing out tons of beach balls, one of which would have a camera in it. There was also mics on each member of the band, whether it be mic stands, instruments or heads (in the case of drummer Darren King).

Kimmel introduced the band as they launched into “Blood Pressure” off the new album. It’s a tune that shows the bands NOLA roots. It has their typical riffy guitar work, grooving bass and Moody on organ. The verses have a soul quality, which showcases Moody’s falsetto nicely. By the time they hit us with the harder rocking chorus, the party was on … with beach balls assaulting us overhead.

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They played the show off with another new song, “Allies.” For some reason, that song sounds like it could be a Phish song to me. Even on the new song, the Mutemath fans that had waited so long to see the band kept the energy levels high. The band does it so contagiously on stage, that it’s hard not to reciprocate from the crowd.
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Though artists only perform 1.5 songs on air, they always stick around for a few more to reward the crowd for coming out. Mutemath played one more song off the new disc, but not the albums title track, which I’ve been listening to since they released it as the first single several weeks ago. Meany thanked the crowd for coming out to celebrate with them for their CD release.

There is no better way to thank a crowd than closing your mini set with your two biggest hits, “Spotlight” and “Typical.” Most of the crowd was hopping, dancing and singing along with every single word. It was a nice change-up from the previous two Kimmel experience, when the only time I saw the crowd sing along was when Mark Ronson and Alex Greenwald of Phantom Planet sang “California,” the theme song from the OC.

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