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Ryan Gosling vs. Fun Fun Fun Festival 6

Posted by teibs On November - 11 - 2011

@ZackTeibloom In case you haven’t heard, Ryan Gosling was at Fun Fun Fun fest. Oh, you’ve heard? The Gos (We’ll call him Gos from here on out) was pretty hard to avoid, wasn’t he. Some people hated that Austin lavished attention on the world’s most handsome man, but I think it was justified. You’re probably also aware that Ryan Gosling at Fun Fun Fun exists, tracking his every handome move as he hung out with Wayne Coyne and Big Freedia and even non-famous, unimportant people like us! He wasn’t just hanging out on the side of the stage, he was shooting a movie with the “Girl in the Dragon Tattoo(!)” We could be in a movie, you guys! Could this be any more buzzy/awesome?!

I was so busy coming up with my own Hey, Girl‘s, I almost forgot there were bands and comedians on stage performing relevant* entertainment for me to enjoy. Now that it’s been a week since we were blessed with The Gos in our lives, I decided to look at the very best of Fun Fun Fun festival and see how it stacked up against Gos standing around and being amazing at posing. I’ll post a picture or video of something great that happened at Fun Fun Fun and you can vote whether it was better than Gos.** 

This tiny little girl rode a mechanical bull in a hilarious way while I narrated.

Gosling not only posed with a little kid in an E.T. shirt, he pointed! He actually pointed all weekend long if you look at the blog, he does it at least 3 times. And they’re all amazing.

M83 played through smoke and delivered arguably the best set of the festival to a packed crowd. (Photo by Eric Pulsifer)

Gosling battled through way more smoke and managed to still stand up and be handsome. (Photo from Ryan Gosling at FFF)

Big Freedia got all the booties shaking for the second year in a row, winning over tons of new fans.

Freedia got the only fan that matters to take his iPhone out to capture his very recent tattoo. (Before you vote, it’s worth noting that Gos was on stage during Big Free. Oooh, this pic is even better. Gos taking a pic of Freedia’s ass. So much booty! So meta!)

Slayer closed out the festival with a raging fury, coming out behind a gigantic curtain with a wild display, hiding their massive Marshall stacks.

 That was super bad-ass, but was it more bad-ass than this snarl?

Brian Posehn did a wicked impression of Glenn Danzig and his love of French Onion soup.

Gos loves himself a fudge pop. Oh, to be that melting chocolate.

Flava Flav took time after Public Enemy’s set to pose with a Cop who looks way too excited. Photo by Melissa Montes

Wayne wasn’t even playing with the Flips this weekend. He just came to hang w/ Gos and give him that rainbow necklace (I assume)

I think we all know the real winner is Gos and, by the transitive property, us, for being near the greatness that is the Gos. Enjoy this video of him walking.

He lifts his shirt five seconds in! You’re welcome. Also, a pic of Gos’ ass by Shivvy. Enjoy the cream in your jeans, readers.

*Sorry, I’ll stop Hipster Runoff-ing this post now. I kept slipping into the voice when writing this.

**Yes, I’m aware that Ryan Gosling vs. Puppy exists.

2 Responses

  1. Chris Said,

    Ryan Gosling isn’t in “The Girl WITH the Dragon Tattoo”…

    Posted on November 11th, 2011 at 2:29 pm

  2. FunFunFan Said,

    Where’s the Christian Bale and Haley Bennett at the Austin City Limits festival version of this post? They were shooting the same movie there as well.

    I’m sure there were enough angry Christian Bale photos from that weekend that could have been strung into a post like this.

    Posted on November 11th, 2011 at 3:09 pm

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