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@ZackTeibloom Simmons asked if he should pull his starters and throw in the reserves for his column this week. I told him I’d read every word, so he better make it his best stuff. Well, I feel his pain. It’s the Friday before New Years and you’ve likely checked out somewhere around Christmas, but we’ve got two worthy songs who deserve out attention, so let’s give it to them. These are two passion bands for Andy and I. Justice had Andy doing car dances that got attention from everyone else on the road. He went through a number of favorite tracks off the new album before settling on “New Lands” and he’s picked a winner, but I’m not sure it’s going to top Young the Giant. “My Body” catapulted them from a band getting some attention at SXSW ’11 to selling out two nights of Stubbs in ’12, and they don’t even have to play the fest. I sure wish Justice would come by Austin some time, SX or not. Read the rest of this entry »

Favorite Song of 2011: Round 2: My Morning Jacket vs. M83

Posted by teibs On December - 29 - 2011

@ZackTeibloom We’re going live for this round. Why not? Andy and I have both seen these bands live, though never together. I was lucky enough to see MMJ at Lolla and M83 at Fun Fun Fun. I’ve already got tickets for M83’s May show at Stubbs and after watching the video below, it solidifies my wish that it was an indoor venue. Both are headline worthy, even though MMJ is the only one who gets the slot at this point in their careers.

Andy picked seeing Emimem over My Morning Jacket at Lollapalooza while Caitlin and I were confident in our MMJ pick. Andy also picked Stevie over MMJ at ACL, but after Stevie had sound issues, he caught about 5 MMJ songs, including some with The Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Caitlin and I chose option c), The Arcade Fire ACL Live taping. If MMJ and M83 were playing at the same time, I’d have a really tough time deciding. I do have an opinion on which song I’d rather hear though.

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Favorite Song: Round 2: Lady Gaga vs. The Black Keys

Posted by teibs On December - 28 - 2011

@ZackTeibloom Now this is a battle of heavyweights. The Black Keys only waited a year and a half after Brothers to give us El Camino for Christmas. I hope you didn’t make your best of albums list without giving this one a few spins. Lady Gaga sold a ton of her follow-up album Born This Way by making it ninety-nine cents on Amazon. Personally, I’d rather spend $30 for El Camino on vinyl. I’ll save my Gaga bashing (as best as I can.) It’s just not for me. Andy will try to sell me on it by saying it has a country twang. Again, not my thing. It’s nice that Brian May plays guitar, and it makes this one listenable enough, but I’d rather have a rock band in their prime than a guest spot on an otherwise uninspiring track.  Read the rest of this entry »

@ZackTeibloom We’ve reached the end of round 1. I’ll do a full recap tomorrow, showing you the standings for your brackets and giving a recap of all the match-ups, but we’ve got one more match-up of two of my favorites. Up until this point, it’s been easy to pick who among me and Andy will write about which band, since we each picked 8 songs. Today, my pick of Ezra Furman made the tourney as a wildcard and faces my #1 seed Young the Giant, so we let Andy take Young the Giant, since he’s seen them twice and was totally into it. I honestly don’t know who I’m going to vote for. Ezra put out his best album to date and this song warms my heart, but how can you compete with this phenom that is “My Body?” When I first saw Young the Giant, I said they had one headline-ready hit and a couple strong ones to go with the rest of their catalog. I’ve come around on the rest of the album and don’t skip any, but my god, “My Body” is a first track on the mix tape. And Ezra has always been a last song on a mixtape kind of guy. Which I completely love him for as well. Read the rest of this entry »

@ZackTeibloom An international battle goes down in today’s contest. We have Justice representing ze French and Joy Formidable, formed in Wales and now based in London. Justice had a monster breakout in 2007, when they were making everyone “D.A.N.C.E.” and stealing awards that Kanye should have won, according to Kanye. Oh, and speaking of stealing awards from Kanye, he and Jay-Z watched the round one crown get taken from them by My Morning Jacket. Justice battles newcomers Joy Formidable, who have dropped their debut album in January, and have been blowing up (in an indie sense) thanks to a number of well-timed performances. They were introduced to the U.S. when they opened for Passion Pit at sold out shows at NYC’s Terminal 5 shows, but got bigger in the U.S. thanks to opening for Foo Fighters at a Lolla club show and getting their own Lollapalooza early day set that me and Caitlin loved and an afternoon set at Fun Fun Fun that got them in the hearts of a whole lot of bandana-clad hipsters. Justice debuts their new live show on New Years day in 2012. Are they ready to conquer in 2011, or is next year their year? We know how the French do in battle. Read the rest of this entry »

@AndyShore Today’s matchup pits one of the biggest superstar collaborations of our generation against a band in My Morning Jacket that, despite headlining spots at major festivals like ACL and Lollapalooza, still feels like it hasn’t garnered all of the attention it deserves. Jay Z and Kanye know the power they hold over the music world and put out one of the most talked about albums of the year. Yim Yames also knows his way around a super group (Monster of Folk), yet My Morning Jacket continues to put out albums worthy of the superstar treatment. It’s an interesting matchup. Different strokes for different folks. Who ya got? Read the rest of this entry »

@ZackTeibloom Today is a match-up of a band on the rise and a band standing still. That said, the band standing still is in a good place. I’m talking about Coldplay, who headlined ACL and Lollapalooza among others, and even taped an ACL live taping which wasn’t on New Years, but will appear to be on New Years if you watch on TV. I think Coldplay made a pretty forgettable album, while M83 made a bombastic double LP that seems pretty universally loved. I was surprised that I gave both of these bands the same score for their live show. Actually, I gave Coldplay a 9.5 and I gave M83 a 9.3 or 9.4 depending on which day you asked me. OK, no one asks me. I just rated it twice in two different articles. Caitlin and I own the two latest M83 albums on vinyl, but no Coldplay. Sure, we have all the early CD’s, but they’re treading water, at best, on the new album. “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” is a bit of a stand-out, and the only new song they played at the Steve Jobs Apple memorial show, but it doesn’t hold up to their classics. M83 is doing their best work to date, and “Midnight City” is perfect any time of day. Read the rest of this entry »

@ZackTeibloom Can breakout pop stars Foster the People take down the championship belt wearing Black Keys? I think they’d have a shot with “Pumped up Kicks,” but I’m doubtful that this one can topple the almighty Black Keys. In seeing where both bands are booked, you can get a feel for their careers. The Black Keys are headlining their first stadium tour, selling out MSG and The United Center, while Foster the People get booked in The Backyard. I have a feeling The Black Keys are saving their Austin stop for a headlining ACL slot. It’s not that the Backyard is a terrible venue. We loved Arcade Fire there, but it ensures a very young, immature audience who will celebrate it as their first show of the summer (!).

As for the songs themselves, The Black Keys bring the thunder, with a toe-tapper you can’t help dancing goofily to. I am dying to hear this thing live. I picture throwing myself against the guard rail and belting out the “whoa -oh -oh -oh!’s” as a big grin spreads across my face. I can’t picture seeing Foster the People outside of an over-crowded festival set.  Read the rest of this entry »

@ZackTeibloom Oh, boy. It’s Lady Gaga time. Somehow, Andy still has the veil over his eyes and hasn’t seen that Lady Gaga is crap. Sorry to offend any Gaga fans, I’m glad she makes you feel better about yourself, but I do not get it at all. Andy will tell you she’s catchy, talented and strange and throw out a “what’s good is good” argument and go so far as to say it’s great. He’ll even mention how he was convinced, when he went to the American Idol taping … in person. I’m embarrassed for him. The fact that Bill Simmons was there too doesn’t do much to help his cause. Simmons quotes “The Wiggles” on the reg. Brian May is the only good thing this song has going for it.

I gave Gaga a chance once, and it was the worst headlining show I have ever seen at a festival. It made me sick to my stomach. On the other side, we have Tune-Yards and their beautiful, odd, insightful vocal work that sounds incredible on record, and is even more wonderful live. I’ve seen both. One feels like a new, authentic twist on indie pop. One is a homeless woman’s Madonna that appeals to insecure tweens. Take your pick. Oh, and The Drums snuck out a win over Foo Fighters by one vote. Boosh. Read the rest of this entry »

@ZackTeibloom A good old fashioned rock match-up. I love it. And this time we don’t have one band getting the edge by posting it on their Facebook page. Yup. Not in the Face! overtook Adele. Can’t mess with a strong fan base. Let’s get into today’s match-up. Dave Grohl is learning to walk again? Remember when he was “Learning to Fly”? Seems like a step backwards to me. The Foo Fighters put on an incredible festival-wrapping show in the pouring rain at Lollapalooza, but “Walk” was not the song I’ll remember from that show. I’ll remember singing along to “Hero” and “Everlong” with my arms around Caitlin. I adore Grohl, his thank you letter was touching and I enjoy the raw rock of the new album, but this is nothing new. It’s just more of the same. “Money” is the break-out smash on The Drums’ odd, but incredibly enjoyable sophomore album. As Caitlin says, it’s a grower. The Foo Fighters are a shower. And as KG and I know, it’s better to be a grower. It’s far more satisfying.  Read the rest of this entry »

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