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Zack’s Bracket

Posted by teibs On December - 11 - 2011

@ZackTeibloom I know how it is. We tell you to do something (like fill out a bracket) and you say, meh, maybe later. But if we do it ourselves, it’ll make you say, OK I can do better than that. And I’m sure you can. I’ve never won this contest, no matter how much Andy thinks I’m cheating. I’ll show you my bracket and give you a little insight as to why I have it the way I do. I’m not all that confident in my bracket. I probably have too many upsets and gave almost none of Andy’s picks the time of day. I hope my bracket outrages you enough to make a better one. And e-mail it to Zack (at) festivalcrashers (dot) com. 

1. Not in the Face!, The Drums, Tune-Yards, The Black Keys, M83, My Morning Jacket, The Joy Formidable, Young the Giant

Round 1 Analysis:

That’s right. I picked Adele to lose in round one to the 16 seed, Not in the Face! And you know why? Because the guys in Not in the Face! are going to post about the contest on Facebook and encourage their fans to vote. Adele will be too busy sitting on her throne of Grammy’s to get involved. I picked The Drums over Foo Fighters, because who likes this Foo Fighters album besides Andy? Ditto Lady Gaga. Tune-Yards moves on. I think Black Keys are going to defend their title, and should have no problem with the Foster the People song that isn’t “Pumped Up Kicks.” I hope I don’t live in a world where the forgettable new Coldplay single is more liked than a masterful breakout track from M83. I have a feeling that Jay-Z and Kanye playing “N-Word in Paris” 8 times a show isn’t helping their cause, when one stellar performance of My Morning Jacket’s “Outta My System” hits the spot. I had a tough decision between Justice and Joy Formidable, but the outro of “Whirring” is better on its own than all of Justice. This isn’t “D.A.N.C.E.” level catchy, no matter how much Andy wants it to be. Finally, Ezra barely made it in. Young the Giant has a monster song on their hands. It’s worth noting that I had ZERO of Andy’s picks making it to the second round. There’s no way that actually happens.

2. Not in the Face!, The Black Keys, M83, Young the Giant

Round 2 Analysis:

Again, I think Not in the Face! will get their fans to vote them through, despite my love for The Drums. I think Tune-Yards were lucky to get this far and have nothing on The Black Keys. My Morning Jacket will give M83 a fight, but M83 is the trendy pick. Ditto Young the Giant.

3. The Black Keys, M83

Round 3 Analysis:

If Not in the Face! really does make it this far, I don’t think they can overcome the juggernaut that is The Black Keys. M83 and Young the Giant is a really tough pick. I’ll stick with my hunches on M83, but I could really see Young the Giant winning it all.

4. The Black Keys

Championship Analysis:

I feel a returning champion on our hands. I bought the 12 inch vinyl single of this song, that spins from inside out. And even though it’s annoying to have to put the needle on the inside, it’s cool enough and sounds so damn good, I don’t mind spinning it often. All hail The Black Keys.

Fill out your bracket! E-mail me (Zack (at) Festivalcrashers (dot) com by Monday at 3 p.m. central time. (I’ll give you a bonus if you do it by noon.)

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