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Favorite Song 2011: Round 1: Jay Z & Kanye West “Nwords in Paris” vs My Morning Jacket “Outta My System”

Posted by shore On December - 20 - 2011

@AndyShore Today’s matchup pits one of the biggest superstar collaborations of our generation against a band in My Morning Jacket that, despite headlining spots at major festivals like ACL and Lollapalooza, still feels like it hasn’t garnered all of the attention it deserves. Jay Z and Kanye know the power they hold over the music world and put out one of the most talked about albums of the year. Yim Yames also knows his way around a super group (Monster of Folk), yet My Morning Jacket continues to put out albums worthy of the superstar treatment. It’s an interesting matchup. Different strokes for different folks. Who ya got?

On the Watch the Throne tour, Jay Z and Kanye have been closing with “Nwords in Paris.” Not just once, not twice, not three times…but seven, eight and nine times. Some may argue that “Otis” was the better song on Watch the Throne, but they’re not performing that one on repeat. My Morning Jacket gave a song from Circuital special treatment at ACL this year, but it wasn’t “Outta My System.” They performed “Holdin’ on to Black Metal” with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Are you gonna vote for a song that isn’t even given the all star treatment by it’s own artist? “Nwords in Paris” just pumps you up. The beat gets you going. Two of the finest of all time are rhyming on it. Still doubting how good this song is? Festival Crashers favorite, Aziz Ansari, took the time to do his own remix of the song. In emoji form:

Well…I don’t know about you guys, but after listening to this song nine times whilst writing this argument, I’m ready to kick today in the dick. – Andy S.

@ZackTeibloom Today already kicked me with its dick. Huh? Yeah, I’m making no sense. I almost dropped Greg Jennings in a keeper league this morning so I could pick up the Titans defense. Ugh. I need triple the amount of sleep I got. I had just started feeling good about today, with Andy setting up this whole post for me because I got no sleep last night, and then he drops that nauseating emoticon mess on me. I swear, I thought it said Matt Silver instead of Matt Shawyer. Stick to tweeting about Tacos, Aziz. You don’t wanna look like a Matt Silver emoticon disaster. Sorry, just had to get that “Outta my System.” Oy, I’m resorting to puns. That shit cray.

Where was I? Oh, yeah. My Morning Jacket. My favorite set of Lollapalooza. MMJ has evolved incredibly since I saw them in an early afternoon set at Bonnaroo 2004. They command their headlining slot with prowess, confidence and create a beautiful flow of a two-hour set, without resorting to gimmicks or tricks. I can’t think of any pair that resorts to gimmicks. I do think Jay-Z is the best hip hop show ever and Kanye’s Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy tour was a delight, but together? Too many  chefs. I never considered going to Dallas to Watch the Throne, and didn’t enjoy this album much at all. The Will Ferrell interjections are the best part of the song.

“Outta My System” starts with one note on repeat, as bells ring out behind it before Yim Yames coos over it. It’s a fairly simple, straightforward song, but it’s cool, calm and collected, like the band itself. The song builds, as Yim’s voice gets higher and more strained, but still holds form. My only complaint is that they didn’t use a code word. Like sandwiches.

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