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Coachella 2012 Line-up Podcrash

Posted by teibs On January - 10 - 2012

@ZackTeibloom Coachella 2012 line-up dropped last night and we’re pretty, pretty, pretty ecstatic with it. Radiohead is a 9.6-10 range, Black Keys are a solid 9.4-9.6 and has anyone seen Dr. Dre?! He can only make Snoop better. We’re also hyped for M83, Justice, Girl Talk, Feist, The Shins, The Arctic Monkeys, Grace Potter and oh so much more. Enjoy 18 minutes of pod. Festival season can’t get here soon enough…

Coachella 2012 Preview by Zack Teibloom

@ZackTeibloom Here we are. Finally. A week into January and we’ve arrived at the finals. Last year The Black Keys took down LCD Soundsystem so convincingly that LCD was forced to break up forever. Let’s hope Young the Giant either beats The Black Keys, or decides to stick it out for another dozen years or so anyway. I really don’t even know who I’m voting for here. I personally had The Black Keys winning it all, but this is not even their best song. This is by far Young the Giant’s best song and it’s one for the ages. I’ll remember this year as theirs, so I may just pull for them. But ahh The Black Keys! The new kings of rock! I want them to win everything. I hope this decision is as tough for you. Read the rest of this entry »

2011 Bracket Results before the Finals

Posted by teibs On January - 5 - 2012
@ZackTeibloom We’re down to two songs and only two brackets left in play. My top seed, Young the Giant and their smash hit “My Body” found their way into the finals. They’ll have to unsead defending champion The Black Keys and their “Lonely Boy.” Both Andy and Caitlin had this match-up exactly in their brackets, but since only I had The Black Keys winning, and Caitlin had a better first three rounds than Andy, only the Rock Love Austin team has a chance at the title. As Andy bitterly said to me on g-chat when I’d done the math, “I can’t believe the only two people that actually cared who wins are in the finals. That doesn’t make any sense.” Whoever wins, Team Wittbloom is getting a vinyl copy of El Camino (we already have Young the Giant’s album on vinyl) and all that’s at stake brackets-wise is pride. But who cares. What really matters is the songs. And I can’t wait to see who you pick. Andy and I will post the vinyl battle tomorrow around noon and give you until Monday at 12:30 p.m. central to vote for the champion. There can be only one. I put the grades in there if you care to see how you did.

@ZackTeibloom I clearly over-thought my bracket. I had Young the Giant as my #1 overall song and then had them not making the finals. Whoops. Now only My Morning Jacket stands in their way. If you’re reading this on your lunch break, try not to have food in your mouth as you read Andy’s reasoning for why you should pick MMJ. I had some stir fry in my mouth that almost went flying. The winner of this match-up has the challenge of taking down returning champion The Black Keys. I think if either song has a shot, it’s Young the Giant, but My Morning Jacket has surprised me time after time in the last few years, so who knows what they’re capable of. Let’s get to it. Seriously, don’t be eating something. I warned you… Read the rest of this entry »

@ZackTeibloom If found it interesting that Andy and Caitlin decided to break down the venue each of today’s contestants performs in and how the crowd reacts to them, without knowing the other were doing it. Andy defends the newly anointed stadium rockers, The Black Keys, while Caitlin bleeds for the indie rock heroes The Drums, who even get the Austin club hipsters moshing and crowd surfing. There’s a lot to say for each. The Drums are great down to each unique, odd member, while The Black Keys fill the arena with Patrick and Dan only needing help from Danger Mouse. One of the two will see themselves in the finals. For The Black Keys, it would be a return. It would be a cinderella story for The Drums, who no one had going this far, even Caitlin, their biggest fan. Let’s vote: Read the rest of this entry »

Favorite Song 2011: Round 2 Results

Posted by teibs On January - 2 - 2012

@ZackTeibloom Could we have a repeat of champions by both the band (The Black Keys) and bracketologist (Caitlin)? The Black Keys look poised for a final slot in their bracket, having avoided Adele and now facing The Drums, who have already over-performed. Caitlin may have been heartbroken that Bright Eyes didn’t make the final 16, but she’s laughing now with 12/16 points and her final match-up still intact. Rob, Sadie and I are close behind, but we had M83 going much farther, and I think only me and the others who have The Black Keys winning it all have a shot.

Only four songs remain, and I can’t wait to see how it goes down. The Black Keys, Young the Giant, My Morning Jacket and The Drums represent the year pretty well. Sure, Adele and M83 and even Kanye and Jay-Z might be what we think of when we think of 2011, but it wasn’t meant to be for them. Here’s the bracket standings: Read the rest of this entry »

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