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Why I’ll never break the 24 hour rule again

Posted by shore On February - 9 - 2012

@AndyShore Today seemed to start well. I woke up, excited to see Coldplay perform on Kimmel tonight. I arrived at work and saw a message from a coworker about the scientifically proven most relaxing song ever. I put it on and read the article. There were a few other songs on the top listed. One was Coldplay – “Strawberry Swing.” I couldn’t recall the song off the top of my head, but remembered it was on Viva la Vida. I clicked over to Spotify and got back to work. Halfway through the song it connected. I had inadvertently violated the sacred 24 hour rule. Crap.


I panicked. I turned off the music entirely. A song that was supposed to be one of the most relaxing ever was having quite the adverse effect. Screw you, science!


To properly detail how tonight’s events unfolded I need to rewind a few days. Tuesday morning I saw that they had released a few extra tickets to the sold out Coldplay performance on Kimmel. I snapped up two before the rest of LA woke up. It drizzled in LA on Tuesday, so the taping was pushed to Thursday. I printed the new tickets and put them on the passenger seat of my car.


We get our cars washed inside and out on Wednesdays at my office. It’s an awesome perk. I noticed the tickets and wanted to ensure they wouldn’t get tossed (part of my mothers neurosis have worn off on me). I folded them up and stuck them in the glove compartment.


Back to today and my unfortunate violation of the 24 hour rule. It’s a hot button topic here at Festival Crashers. It is law in my book. Zack takes the exact opposite approach, throwing it in my face whenever possible. I’m slightly superstitious, but I couldn’t undo it. I proceeded with my day, excited about seeing Coldplay tonight. I even bragged to a few coworkers. I deserve what happened.


My brother got home from work and we set out to go. We hopped in his car and headed to El Capitan Theatre. Just as we were about to pull into the parking garage, it hit me. I didn’t have the tickets. Such a sinking feeling. They were still in my glove box, otherwise I would have noticed them on my seat when I got home from work today. We parked and got out of the parking garage so I could see if I could access the tickets from my iPhone. We walked all the way to the back of the ridiculously long line. Even if we had tickets, we may not have gotten in. I couldn’t get to the tickets from my phone. Since the show was supposed to be two days ago, the tickets were no longer accessible from the website. No Coldplay for this guy.


This is not a mistake I will make twice. I informed my brother that it is now a rule that we have to ask one another if we have the tickets before we depart. Failure to do so results in full blame being placed upon the person who neglected the reminder. At least next time I forget tickets, I can blame my brother.



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  1. shore Said,

    I guess I should explain the 24 hour rule. It states that one must not listen to a band 24 hours before seeing them live. It began with my friends in high school. It builds the anticipation. I still practice it to this day. There are a few exceptions. One is if you are trying to convince a friend to see them who has never heard them before. Another exception that is understood, but not preferred, is if it happens to come on in a store you’re in. Hearing “Kiss” at Whole Foods the night before seeing Prince at the Coliseum can’t be a bad thing. I can’t recall any other exceptions off the top of my head.

    Posted on February 9th, 2012 at 10:14 pm

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