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coastmodern@ZackTeibloom When we caught Oberhofer’s 11 pm show Tuesday night at Nomad, Caitlin and I thought we had a pretty tame SXSW week ahead of us. After being wow’d by the band we loved so much at SXSW ’14 we saw them three times in the same day, we had the traditional brownie sundae and queso at midnight at Kerby Lane to celebrate Caitlin turning 29. We went to sleep expecting a tamer SXSW, since we wouldn’t have a badge this year, but woke up to news we had two badges waiting for us at the convention center. Happy birthday to us. We then sought out a few favorites we found from our pre-festival hunting. Caitlin had turned me onto Coast Modern and Aurora (who I also knew from their music being played often in the bathrooms at Apple) and I turned her on to PWR BTTM. So we went and saw them. And then we loved them so much we saw them again. And again. We ended up seeing Coast Modern four days in a row and meeting them. We saw Oberhofer twice more, saw PWR BTTM three times in two days and saw Aurora’s first two festival appearances and wished we saw more.

In this post, I’ll write up the little things I noticed seeing these wonderful bands at the early stages of their careers day after day. The little things you can only get from tons of exposure to intimate shows. Things like: why is Brad Oberhofer testing out the sturdiness of tables behind the stage before he goes on? Who is the girl in the crowd signaling one more song to the rest of the band? What does it take for Aurora to feel comfortable taking her jacket off to dance? What song will the crowd think is over before Coast Modern wows them with their powerful closer? What is PWR BTTM looking for in Austin and what do they have a crippling fear of? All this and more on why you should fall in love with these bands…

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SXSW Blow by Blow Thursday

Posted by teibs On March - 20 - 2014

@ZackTeiblom When we last left our hero, he was drunk and clean and happy to be heading to bed after a 20 hour day that ended with Watch the Throne and a treacherous bike ride home. Shockingly, I didn’t wake up feeling great. Still, it was only day two, so I had to find strength in breakfast tacos and copious amounts of electrolytes and sandwiches and power through. The day before, we’d told our contact at the bar that we’d swing by to pick up the posters around 10. It was now close to 11 and we weren’t making any sudden moves to get out of bed. I didn’t even bother texting them. I just headed out into the world, but needed to make an important stop first. Read the rest of this entry »

SXSW 2014 Blow by Blow Wednesday with Jay-Z and Kanye West

Posted by teibs On March - 19 - 2014

@ZackTeibloom I asked Andy what he thought of my SXSW 2014 by the Numbers post and he told me it was fine, but read more as a list of things I did. He wanted the stories. We have a tradition in my family of giving a blow by blow (BBB) account of a vacation. We want to hear all the details from the airport to the meals to the events. So here’s the BBB of my SXSW.

We’ll pick up on Wednesday of music week. There was a lot of fun to be had before then, but I more or less covered the podcast tapings and parties in the by the numbers post. I promised Andy I’d pound this story out on my lunch break today. He said that I’m free pound out whatever I want, but he didn’t want to hear about it. Touche. I’ll piece it together as best I can from memory and twitter. Read the rest of this entry »

SXSW 2014 by the numbers

Posted by teibs On March - 18 - 2014
@ZackTeibloom Whew. Another incredible SXSW in the books. Every year it reminds me why I moved here in early March, five years ago. SXSW is everything. The day before the fest started, I was resigned to being without a badge or wristband and hoped I could see a few shows and find a way to make the most of it. When a magical badge showed up thanks to Caitlin’s connection and my name got pulled for the Jay-Z and Kanye lottery, every little thing fell into place. I got to interact with my favorite sports journalist (Bill Simmons), see my two all-time favorite rappers in a tiny venue, sat in the first couple rows as my two favorite podcasts (Comedy Bang Bang & You Made It Weird) were taped live, talked to Max Fisher and George Bluth, had a long conversation with Gareth Campesinos, saw my new favorite band (White Sea) four times, saw my favorite up and coming indie rock band (Oberhofer) three times in one day and, aside from missing the Hendrix tribute show and a couple more comedy shows, I saw everything I dreamed and then some.
It was just perfect. For all the backlash about the vomit-y Gaga performance and explosion of corporate hoo rah blah blah, I had the best SXSW yet. I spent 10 days on my bike with Caitlin, navigating through throngs of festival goers, hopping all over this great city for the best Spring Break on Earth. Even after taking Sunday off, I’m still recovering Tuesday morning, but here’s a quick rundown of my SXSW in numbers Read the rest of this entry »

Prince at SXSW Review: Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

Posted by teibs On March - 18 - 2013

@ZackTeibloom “Ain’t no party like a purple party, ’cause a purple party don’t stop.” Prince first said this early Sunday morning during his 50-minute-long second encore. When he said it again somewhere around his fourth or fifth encore, the artist currently known as Prince had the crowd wondering if the purple party would ever stop, and hoping it wouldn’t. Those of us in the front row may have been standing in line since 7:15 p.m., and continuously stayed on our feet for the next seven and a half hours, but when Prince said “We’ve only got 20 minutes left. Let’s make them the best twenty minutes of our lives,” at 2:40 a.m., we summoned what little energy we had left on the last day of SXSW to see what the man in purple would do next. Well, those of us who were left did. But we’ll get to that. Read the rest of this entry »

@ZackTeibloom When you love an artist from their early days, you have expectations for them. You watch their career and feel emotionally invested in the direction it takes. This can be an incredibly disappointing pursuit. Ultimately you have no control over what they do, and nine times out of 10, they’ll disappoint you. They could have a sophomore slump, change the direction of their sound, sell out, go soft, break up or die young. It’s incredibly rare that they don’t let you down in a major way, but you can’t help rooting for their career to go the way you envision, ideally growing with each album and constantly re-inventing themselves in a way that still suits your interests. In my life, I’ve loved a lot of bands, but Weezer, Beck and Jack White stand out as ones I loved from the very beginning, and following them has been three different rides.

Weezer has had far more misses than hits in the last decade, (Hurley, anyone?) They had to resort to playing their first two albums, Blue Album and Pinkerton, live 15 years after they came out to connect with their original fans. I don’t even bother listening to their new stuff anymore. I don’t know anyone who does. I loved seeing them live last summer, but only because they were almost exclusively playing old stuff. They’re way too young for that to be OK, but that’s their reality. It’s been a joy to watch Beck’s “Mutations” from Odelay to Sea Change to Midnite Vultures to Guero and The Information, but it’s been a hollow few years. He hasn’t put out an album in going on four years, and his “Record Club” was a far better idea than it was executed. I still have hope for a lot more greatness in Beck’s future. With Jack White, the ups and downs have been unlike any artist I’ve ever followed. I’ll detail it in painstaking detail in the next couple paragraphs, but it was absolutely killing me to see him spending so much time producing or playing drums or buying an elephant’s head on American Pickers, when I just wanted to scream “pick up a guitar and sing to me!” but on Friday night, he showed us the next phase of his career and became everything I always dreamed he would be. And then some.  Read the rest of this entry »

South by SouthBest: Top 100 Favorite Acts of SXSW 2011

Posted by teibs On April - 5 - 2011

pulled apart by horses@supercooleric SXSW 2011 brought more than 2,000 acts through Austin in March. Here are 100 of our favorite artists from this year’s festival (in alphabetical order) and a link to download a sampler containing a song from each of them.

South by SouthBest 2011 Mixtape: Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3

If your iTunes library is still hungry for more, you can download the full sampler of SXSW 2011 bands containing 1,154 tracks here. Or, if you’re looking for something involving less of a commitment of hard drive space, you can listen to SXSW’s official internet radio station on Shoutcast here.

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Best of @SXSWhine

Posted by teibs On March - 30 - 2011

whinemain@ZackTeibloom SXSW has come and passed and we lived to tell about it, somehow. Looking back, you people just wouldn’t quit your bitching no matter how many endless opportunities were there for you. I mean, this was a week of incredible entertainment of all kinds, endless free drinks and food and all you could manage to tell the world was how you were standing in a line. For fucks sake. The quote on the Statue of Liberty says,”Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”  Sounds a lot like SXSW tweeters. Tired masses, yearning to breathe free drinks and shows. Good lord did you have things to bitch about. The lines, the out-of-towners, how SX used to be cool, inanimate objects, the lines, how your phone is dying, Kanye, Fuck Vevo, and even whine-ing about the whine-ing. Let’s start with that. You whiney, shit heads, you. Read the rest of this entry »

Jack White Surprise Performance at SXSW Pop-up Shop

Posted by teibs On March - 25 - 2011

jackietime@ZackTeibloom I couldn’t sleep Tuesday night. I spent god knows how long tossing and turning, imagining conversations I’d have with Jack White after narrowly missing having sushi with him*. I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from finding him on Wednesday. I put a message out on Facebook and Twitter that if anyone knew where Jack was and didn’t text me immediately with cross streets, we would no longer be friends. Once that was settled, I put on my red and white arm bands, a hat that said “keeping vinyl alive,” and my favorite record store t and headed downtown.

My phone started blowing up with messages, telling me something was happening at noon at 4th and Colorado, so I ran the mile over there and arrived at 11:30 to see the Third Man Records truck and a line. At that point, I figured Jack would introduce the shop and say a few words. I had no idea that I was about to have an unthinkably perfect  hour. Last year when Third Man had a pop-up show, I left work on my lunch break, drove 25 minutes each way, and budged the entire line to get into the shop before anyone. This time, I wasn’t in as much of a rush, so I only budged 4/5ths of the line**.  I made small talk in the line for a few minutes before, wait a minute, is that who I think it is?! Read the rest of this entry »

foowood@ZackTeibloom As they started counting down two minutes until showtime, we wondered where the band equipment was hiding, since the stage was empty. The screen lifted and there were The Foo Fighters, far enough back from the stage that it made what should have been a raucous performance feel sterile in person. Watch the tape. No one reacts for the first minute until the stage crew yells at us to put our arms up and go crazy. Dave Grohl storming out onto the catwalk to rip a solo sparked the only genuine reaction from the crowd. I’d been looking forward to a Foo Fighters live show since ACL ’08, but like the awards themselves, it was all bark and no bite. And Dave Grohl has the best bite.

As soon as the Foo Fighters finish, we hear a female voice say “welcome…” and stop. She’s way early. 17 seconds go by and she starts over. “Welcome to the 2001 MTVu Woodie Awards. The only college music awards show. Give it up for your host, Donald Glover!” Time out. The “only” college music awards show? 1) What makes this college related? 2) How can it be the only one? I don’t know the answer, so let’s give it up for DJ Scrillex and move on, because we’re being yelled at.
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