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Unsuccessful Crash #2: The Strokes Strike-out at Stubbs

Posted by teibs On October - 7 - 2010

AccessDenied@ZackTeibloom I’m still trying to wrap my head around how I failed so hard on what should have been such an easy Stubbs crash. Apparently Stubbs flew Roy Halladay in to man security after his no hitter Wednesday night. I scoped out the night’s pitcher from the on-deck box (Watched which wristband they were using tonight – pink- and was happy to say I had it in my Stubbs wristband collection.) Fastball. Right down the plate. That’s always been one I can take deep. I dug my batting gloves (wristband) out of my pocket and fastened it fastidiously like Nomar Garciaparra and headed back to the dugout (Jackalope) to meet the Lighthouse crew for buy-one-get-one-free burger night and waited for my at-bat.

I strolled up to the plate with my batting gloves on,  wondering if I should just combine crash #37 and #38 into one story, since I’d never bothered to write up my easy Ween Stubbs crash and this one would be just as easy. You need to be confident for a crash, but that level of cockiness is a recipe for disaster. It’s like I was calling my shot and only Babe Ruth can pull that move off.  Read the rest of this entry »

Successful Crash #33: The New Pornographers at Stubbs

Posted by teibs On July - 27 - 2010

np@ZackTeibloom A band with a song on their new album called “Crash Years” is just begging for a crash, aren’t they? Well, that’s why I’m here. It wasn’t the first time I’ve crashed a New Pornographers show. They weren’t leaving unattended badges at the check-in this time. I had to try a new tactic.

“Woo, Dodos! The New Pornographers suck!” I walked up to Stubbs yelling this, hoping fans of the opening band would reveal themselves on their way out and hand over their red Stubbs wrist bands. I hadn’t seen a red wristband at Stubbs before. In my pocket I had a full double rainbow of wristbands, with an orange, brown, two shades of green, yellow, pink, blue, etc. Apparently my double rainbow wasn’t full, since I had no red.

I did a lap around the perimeter and, I gotta say, Stubbs does a real strong job guarding their exits. An armada of guards at the front, multiple check points at the restaurant entrance, and even the barbed wire fence has a back-up guard. You could attempt to sneak in by the port-o-poty’s where the barbed wire fence needs mending, but that’s just asking to be seen. The bottom line is that you need a wristband, and I didn’t have one, so I had to find someone who did. Read the rest of this entry »

“I Was There” LCD Soundsystem at Stubbs 6/8

Posted by teibs On June - 9 - 2010

james@ZackTeibloom I’ve seen LCD Soundsystem open for Arcade Fire at the Hollywood Bowl. I was there when LCD played “Daft Punk is playing at my House” before Daft Punk played right after them at Lollapalooza 2007. I was there when LCD played Coachella in 2010 between Them Crooked Vultures and Jay-Z. None held a candle to last night.

It was a pantheon performance by LCD Soundsystem. One that made you feel alive. If you were there. I reviewed the whole show doing a slight variation on “Losing My Edge.” I’ll also debut the new rating system Shore came up with. Excuse all the “I was there” lines. I’m not rubbing it in for those of you who weren’t. Just listen to “Losing my Edge” while you read and it will all make sense.

“If it’s crowded, all the better.”

A sticky, sweaty, swaying sold-out sea of citizens saw it go down at Stubbs.  Read the rest of this entry »

SXSW Wednesday at the Fort/Stubbs

Posted by teibs On March - 18 - 2010

Freelance-Whales@ZackTeibloom A delightful afternoon set feeding into a secret show that met expectations fed into a night full of headliners at Stubbs on a memorable Wednesday night at SXSW.

3:15 p.m at a meeting, sipping an Amp, my boss says, “Really? An energy drink? You’re done in 45 minutes.” “I have a lot of rocking to do,” I said. It was true. My day started at Fader Fort where I came for Freelance Whales.
Freelance Whales: A banjo, a xylaphone, a couple guitars, an accordian and a batch of glasses-clad singers. It worked. Check out “Starring” and then I have a feeling you’ll want the whole album. They’re spry, soft and gentle indie-rock. They feel like a young band. Grow with them. 8.5/10

Read the rest of this entry »

Concert virginity taken by Neon Indian at Stubbs

Posted by teibs On November - 28 - 2009

neonFestival Crashers welcomes @DoctorCollins steps back for his second guest post to cover three shows at Stubbs Friday night. @ZackTeibloom considered a crash and made it as far as the door, but wasn’t feeling it and @chrisinaustin had another adventure in mind. Thanks to @doctorcollins for letting us know we missed a lot. They even took @supercooleric’s 16-year-old brother’s concert V-card*.

@DoctorCollins Take a moment to think about the first concert you ever went to**. Mine was Jimmy Buffet at Fiddler’s Green in Denver. One friend’s first was Sugar Ray, featuring a before-their-prime Smash Mouth as the opening act. Other answers to that question included New Kids on the Block, Weird Al, and a Swedish death metal band (I didn’t even know that was possible). So the fact that a @supercooleric’s little brother got to experience a smattering of up-and-coming local bands as his first concert ever, I’d say he is off to a pretty good start. Sure he tripped over some stairs and poured half of his Coke on a guy’s crotch but he was also instinctually moving closer to the stage every time he saw an opening in the crowd. It was fun to glance over and witness him taking everything in for the first time – made me appreciate all the shows I’ve been spoiled rotten with by living in Austin. Read the rest of this entry »

Them Crooked Vultures @ Stubbs

Posted by shore On October - 2 - 2009

themcrookedvulturesstubbs Five weeks ago, I rolled into Austin to start the next chapter of my life.  There are dozens of reasons why I wound up here, but high on the list was my desire to reestablish live music as a lifestyle.  Tonight was a big step in that effort, as I saw my first show at the legendary Austin venue, Stubbs BBQ.  Although it was my first time at Stubbs, no one else in the place was any more familiar with what was about to happen than I was.  Never before has there been such a long line of excited patrons for a band that has yet to release an album.  It was the Thursday before the start of ACL, and magic was in the air as supergroup Them Crooked Vultures got ready to kick off the festival weekend. Read the rest of this entry »

Successful Crash #18: Animal Collective @Stubbs

Posted by teibs On June - 6 - 2009

orange@ZackTeibloom With five different colored Stubb’s wristbands in my pocket, I pulled into a parking spot, gave a fist full of change to the guy who “helped me” find a spot and scoped out the scene.

It may be a while before I acquire every color of Stubbs’ wrist bands. This night was bright orange which sucked because not only didn’t I have that color, but it’s hard to walk around a venue without such an obvious pass.

Animal Collective sold out weeks ago, so the scalpers were out in droves asking anywhere from $35 to $60 a ticket. I’m not sure if any got more than $50 for one, but I did see cash exchange hands a few times. Read the rest of this entry »

december@ZackTeibloom I’m a sucker for bands playing albums in their entirety, but I can’t stand The Decemberists’ lead singer Colin Meloy’s voice.

I’d heard The Hazards of Love was a sprawling concept album and figured I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see it performed in its entirety the day after it was released.

Could the addition of My Brightest Diamond’s Shara Worden bolster the whiny Meloy enough to make it a classic show like NPR hoped when they streamed it live? Almost. Read the rest of this entry »


@ZackTeibloom As a festival-goer in my early 30s, I have to pick my spots a little more carefully on what shows I’m willing to push my way to the front row for. If I’ve traveled across the country with my wife to make good on this bet of seeing the first LCD Soundsystem show after their hiatus (aside from NYC warm-up shows) I want to see “our band” from as close as possible. So what does that entail? Driving 2.5 hours from San Diego to Indio Friday morning, seeing seven bands and THEN standing from 7:55 p.m. to 1 a.m. for the M83-Ellie Goulding-LCD combo on the main stage. Caitlin and I started about 10-15 rows back during M83 moved up to the third row for Ellie Goulding and were right against the guardrail by the time LCD took the stage at 11:10 Friday night and held our ground until the last notes of “All My Friends” at 12:53 a.m. Saturday morning. There’s only so many times you can do that in one weekend.

We’d had an easier time getting front row earlier in the day for Christine and the Queens after suffering through Bob Moses. On Saturday we were happy to enjoy Gary Clark Jr. before moving up behind only the die-hard G’N’R fans with full Guns & Roses inspired back tattoos to see our favorite hip hop group, Run The Jewels. And by Sunday night, as exhausted as we were, we got close for Anderson .Paak and made our way right to the front to end our fest with Miike Snow. Not surprisingly, those eight shows we were super close for ended up being pretty much the best shows we saw all weekend. Since that’s the case, I’ll break down those eight and then give a few details about seeing G’N’R live for the first time, the N.W.A reunion and a couple other enjoyable shows we caught.  Read the rest of this entry »

@ZackTeibloom I clearly over-thought my bracket. I had Young the Giant as my #1 overall song and then had them not making the finals. Whoops. Now only My Morning Jacket stands in their way. If you’re reading this on your lunch break, try not to have food in your mouth as you read Andy’s reasoning for why you should pick MMJ. I had some stir fry in my mouth that almost went flying. The winner of this match-up has the challenge of taking down returning champion The Black Keys. I think if either song has a shot, it’s Young the Giant, but My Morning Jacket has surprised me time after time in the last few years, so who knows what they’re capable of. Let’s get to it. Seriously, don’t be eating something. I warned you… Read the rest of this entry »

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