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@AndyShore I have been tasked with introducing this matchup, as both of these are tracks I brought on Zack. “Blurred Lines” was the song of the summer and beyond. It’s been played and covered to death (including this one time by Queens of the Stone Age). “Sacrilege” was the first single off the Yeah Yeah Yeahs most recent offering. It wasn’t the song of anything, but it still found itself on this list at the end of the year. We all love some Karen O, but I don’t know if anyone is gonna call it sacrilege if you vote for the alternative. Read the rest of this entry »

@AndyShore Will Eminem survive the first round of our tournament? Will Vampire Weekend live while they’re (Diane) young? It’s a weird matchup. That’s for sure. I think Zack and I are probably in the small middle section of the venn diagram of the fans crossover for these two artists (the section is even smaller if you also get the third band referenced in this intro). That may make this a polarizing vote. Both artists showed an ability to continue to put out great, relevant music. They both deserve their spots in this year’s bracket. However, only one can survive (hint hint). Read the rest of this entry »

@AndyShore The world anxiously awaited Justin Timberlake’s return to the music business. His acting career has yielded mixed reviews and we were ready for a new, genre breaking, Earth shattering album. While we didn’t get that, the 20/20 Experience was a great listen and “Mirrors” the best track off it. Everyone didn’t know they were waiting for Haim, but we’re all sure glad they’re here. They compete against the silky vocals of JT with their harmonic blend that only shared DNA can create. Read the rest of this entry »

@ZackTeibloom “Flaws” vs “Afterlife.” Oh my god, what an awesome match. These are honestly my two favorite songs in the entire contest. You’ve got a young, hungry Bastille going up against a peaking Arcade Fire, who somehow managed to one-up their Grammy winning Suburbs with a masterpiece in Reflektor. Picking the best song for each band was tough. After I fell in love with Bastille at SXSW, I kept linking Andy to different versions of “Flaws,” leading him to ask if they even had any other songs. Soon he was telling me he was surprised “Flaws was my favorite.” And as for Arcade Fire, as Andy chatted me when we were picking songs, the contest could have been entirely songs off Reflektor if we didn’t limit ourselves to one per band. I think we ended up with the best each band has to offer, and as my hair can attest, I have a lot of love for both Arcade Fire and Bastille and will be happy with either song moving on. Read the rest of this entry »

@ZackTeibloom We’ve got an intriguing battle between bands with a lot in common in our second match-up of round one. They’re both European. Both indie/alternative bands who had a meteoric rise after a few years of relative obscurity. Both played ACL this year and we’ve seen both at several festivals over the years. For this year’s entry, we chose each band’s first single on their recent albums, both of which happen to open Bankrupt! and AM. I’m more of a Phoenix, and I’ll defend them in this post, but I may love this Arctic Monkeys track just as much, if not more. Can’t wait to see what happens in this one. Read the rest of this entry »

@AndyShore Pretty Lights had a breakout year. The outfit switched up its normal DJ and drummer show and rolled out a full live band and released one of my favorite albums of 2013. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that it will be the song that needs to get lucky this round. Daft Punk started the hype machine around this album and song at this year’s Coachella on SNL and the train kept rolling to the highest highs Daft Punk has seen in its career. You know how I know “Get Lucky” will win this round? Even my dad loves “Get Lucky.” He was jamming on it in his car on one of my last trips to Chicago. Read the rest of this entry »

Favorite Song of 2013 Contest Brackets

Posted by teibs On December - 3 - 2013

@ZackTeibloom Oh, hello again. We may not have posted anything since my SXSW Prince write-up got me in trouble with the Purple One himself for some unauthorized Vines, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been keeping track of our favorite songs of the year. We’ve got a few old favorites in our 6th annual contest, with Kanye, Eminem, Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend all making repeat appearances. This year is as wide open as ever, though. Will “Get Lucky” or “Blurred Lines” be able to sustain their summer dominance through the holiday period? Are we sick of them? Will newcomer Lorde come in and take the whole thing? What about Haim or Bastille?

I honestly have no idea, but I’m excited to see and write about all these songs for the next month. We’ll give you until Friday at noon to turn in your brackets and then start our first match-up of Daft Punk’s overall #1 seed “Get Lucky” against Pretty Lights f. Talib Kweli’s “Around the Block.” There are some real intriguing match-ups in round one, like Macca vs. Kanye and JT vs. Haim, so I can’t wait to see how it all shakes out.  Read the rest of this entry »

@ZackTeibloom And then there were two. I think we all knew I’d rig it so Jack White would make the finals. He finally put out a solo album and it’s spectacular. But Muse? No one had them in their finals bracket except Matt, and he had them losing to Bruno Mars, so his bracket didn’t have a chance. Muse made it here with a unique song that manages to blend genres in an experimental way that shouldn’t work nearly as well as it does. Jack White made it to the finals by rocking out like only he can. While “Madness” is up for the best rock song Grammy, Jack is nominated in the same category, but for “Freedom at 21.” We went for Sixteen Saltines in this contest. I think you should here too. Read the rest of this entry »

Favorite Song 2012: Semi-Final Match-ups

Posted by teibs On January - 2 - 2013

@ZackTeibloom I did a little final four analysis in the recap of the last round, but here’s a little more insight. We’ve got Muse sneaking into the final four on the back of a strong single on a mostly forgettable album. We’ve got Miike Snow avoiding the sophomore slump, expanding their live show and establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Mumford & Sons broke out in a massive way this year and Andy thinks he finally figured out why. And then there’s Jack White finally freeing himself from the constraints of a band and sounding better than ever as a solo act with two backing bands and the best lyrics of his career. Let’s vote both rounds of the final four off in one big massive post. Read the rest of this entry »

Favorite song of 2012: Semi-Finals Analysis

Posted by teibs On January - 1 - 2013
@ZackTeibloom It’s New Years Day, I’m slowly getting over a hangover and considering which resolutions I’m actually going to stick with, which is harder to do with a hangover. Oops. I just spilled a full cup of water all over my desk and keyboard at work and now any time I type an h, a j shows up as well. Anyway, here we are starting a new year and still finishing last year’s contest. One thing is settled, though. We already have our bracket winner decided, so all that’s up in the air is what song is our favorite. We’ll vote off both final four match-ups at once on Wednesday. Let’s see who we have left and who our bracket winner is. Read the rest of this entry »
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