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Bad Veins won’t ditch Irene or explain band name

Posted by teibs On October - 23 - 2009

badveins@ZackTeibloom Put on a Bad Veins song and have someone guess how many people are in the band. They’ll swear you’re listening to at least a five-piece band with their full, lush sound. Come to Emo’s tonight (Friday October 23rd) to see how this Cincinnati based duo, on their first national tour, uses “Irene” and a phone to create a bigger sound than you’ve ever heard from a duo*.

It has the makings for an incredible night. was able to get an exclusive interview with lead singer Benjamin Davis. Festival Crashers decided to post it as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Ghostland Observatory ready to take on Dave at ACL

Posted by teibs On September - 29 - 2009

ghost1@ZackTeibloom Spoon may be bigger and pulled off a triumphant run at Stubbs this summer, but I’d argue that Ghostland Observatory is the best current band to come out of Austin. They’re certainly the most exciting live act, ranking in the top 5 bands to see at ACL this year for good reason.

The two-man band is a force of nature. A dazzling laser light show envelops the raging crowd, as a caped Thomas Turner pounds the synth while a sunglasses-clad, hair-braided Aaron Behrens dances around on stage, belting high-pitched catchy choruses, slinging a guitar his “fingers crave” in an electro-dance-soul-rock fusion. Not to mention the hardest beats around.

The Austin duo comes back to headline Saturday night against one of the biggest live acts of the last 20 years and there’s no one they’d rather play the same time as.

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Interview with Easy Star All Star Producer Michael Goldwasser

Posted by shore On September - 28 - 2009

michaelgoldwasser @AndyShore I had the opportunity to chat with Easy Star All Star’s producer and sometimes guitar player, Michael Goldwasser, shortly after missing two sets of theirs at Summer Camp. It was quite interesting to pick the brain of a man that has successfully reworked some of the most renown music known to man. Goldwasser, being the producer, offered a view through the looking glass of what goes through his mind as he prepares a tribute album. I figured I wouldn’t be the only one who thought this was as interesting as I did, so I’m providing you guys with the transcript of our full interview.

Starting with how you choose the band or album, what is the process for creating an album for you guys step by step? Read the rest of this entry »

Ezra Furman About to Burst with New Songs

Posted by teibs On August - 22 - 2009

ezralolla2@ZackTeibloom Ezra Furman rubbed his neck with a strained expression on his face as his manager told me new permanent band mate Andrew Langer would be doing most of the talking. Furman had played his first Lollapalooza that morning and had an after show at House of Blues later that night.

Even though Ezra says his least favorite part of playing shows is banter and his manager told him not to talk much during this interview, he talks up a storm on stage and chatted me up during the interview. That’s just how he operates.

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SXSW Lessons from The Boxing Lesson

Posted by teibs On March - 19 - 2009

tbl“Just tell me where I have to show up and Rock ‘n’ Roll.” That’s the attitude Jaylinn Davidson, keyboard/synth player, has about SXSW where her band has 12 shows this year.

“Every year, SXSW is the most exciting time of the year. We moved here for SXSW,” says lead singer/guitar player Paul Waclawsky, who had to change shirts after sweating through his at their noon performance at Maggie Mae’s.

“Austin is a magnet,” he said. “It’s like Rock ‘n’ Roll band camp.” Read the rest of this entry »

Jason Segel thinks the wedding should be at Bonnaroo

Posted by teibs On February - 18 - 2009

segelz1@ZackTeibloom I always knew I’d get along with Jason Segel. From the first scene in the first episode of “Freaks and Geeks” when he said, “Hey I believe in god, man. I’ve seen him. I felt his power. He plays  drums for Led Zeppelin and his name is John Bonham, baby!*”

He was funny, gracious, told me I had an awesome voicemail and even had good advice for me.

I told him about Jason getting married the same weekend as Bonnaroo and he said, “You move the wedding to Bonnaroo. Erect a tent at Bonnaroo and have a wedding.” Lawyered!

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Paul Rudd used to DJ Bar Mitzvah’s

Posted by teibs On February - 17 - 2009


~Z.T.~ I was supposed to talk to Paul Rudd about his new movie, “I Love You, Man,” but I couldn’t resist talking music with the Tom Waits fanatic who played John Lennon in “Walk Hard.”

Rudd watches Idol: “I used to be like, ‘OMG Idol’s on tonight!” Now, I get like, OK cool. I guess I’m gonna watch.

He loves The Foo: “I think you were absolutely right with Dave Grohl (having him on my man crush team.)

Who’s cooler than Dave Grohl?! Read the rest of this entry »

Interview with Spencer Smith of Panic at the Disco

Posted by admin On February - 3 - 2009

panicdrum-A.S. I teased this interview with Spencer Smith, drummer of Panic at the Disco, in the latest issue of College News. Smith was a pleasure to talk to, and even thanked me for the interview at the end. I really enjoyed his insight on their latest album, Pretty. Odd as well as playing abroad.

Andy Shore: How did you guys go from A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out to Pretty. Odd?

Spencer Smith: It had been a couple years of touring, and also getting into new music. Kind of shifting from being stuck in what was more current. Over those couple years of touring, we discovered bands that a lot of us grew up to listening from our parents.

Our second album was still a natural progression, but people on the outside weren’t going through the same changes. Musically, what we were excited about wasn’t the same as when we recorded our first album.

AS: Do you think there is a big difference in the two albums?

Read the rest of this entry »

My afternoon at Ezra Furman’s

Posted by admin On January - 10 - 2009

Typical Ezra, wide-eyed with his homemade t-shirt.

~Z.T.~ “I’m not dressed and I’m not going to get dressed while you’re here,” Ezra Furman says as he opens the door. He’s wearing the same t-shirt he wore at the concert last night, boxers and has a blanket draped around himself. Last night, before playing a blistering version of “Big Deal,” he said he always wants to keep it personal. Not wearing pants is pretty personal.

Ezra Furman is on the verge of breaking out in a big way. His band released their latest album, Inside the Human Body, to rave reviews in October. Their weekly Monday night gigs at Schuba’s were consistently packed with fans begging for an encore and Greg Kot gave them a glowing write-up in the Chicago Tribune. Read the rest of this entry »

Interview with Blues Traveler’s Tad Kinchla

Posted by admin On January - 9 - 2009


-A.S. We teased this interview with Tad Kincla, the bass player from Blues Traveler, in the current issue of College News. I didn’t want to post it while we were doing all of the contest coverage, but here it is now. Better late, than never.

Andy Shore: How was your experience playing ACL?

Tad Kincla: I just bought a house up the street from Zilker Park. It was cool getting home and playing a festival down the street.

AS: How was it different from Lollapalooza? Read the rest of this entry »

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