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American Idol Finale: Results Show

Posted by shore On May - 26 - 2010

idolfinale@AndyShore No more American Idol after tonight. At least for a while. That means I get Comedy Death Ray back on Tuesday nights. Score one for this guy. I am looking forward to finding out who wins. I am most looking forward to all the surprise guest performances. @MattSilver ruined that Orianthi performs with Alice Cooper. He also saw the Bee Gees while trying to get tickets to the show. It was also reported earlier today that Christina Aguilera would perform, but not her recent single that just bombed. Crystal Bowersox will win tonight, if the voting goes based on their performances last night. She was better in all three of her songs. It’s a win win situation for me. I want to see Crystal win. I also have a hometown guy as the alternate in Lee DeWyze. There should also be some sort of a sendoff for Simon Cowell tonight. He will be missed. Read the rest of this entry »

American Idol Finale: Top Two Finalists Compete

Posted by shore On May - 25 - 2010

idolfinale@AndyShore This is it folks. The finale. Tonight they perform. Tomorrow a new American Idol is crowned. I’m on record as saying I want Crystal Bowersox to win, although I think Lee DeWyze will walk away as the new champion. The format has changed from last season. The first is the contestant’s favorite song from this season. The second is chosen by Exec Producer Simon Fuller. Last is the song they will release if they win. I’m glad they aren’t handcuffing the contestants like they did last year with “No Boundaries.” That was just terrible and ruined part of the finale. I’m glad they’re learning from their mistakes. That, or they’re reading my live blog. I hear it’s getting pretty good.

8:10 “The Boxer” was not my favorite performance from Lee DeWyze this season. I think he’s performing it better this time around, but I don’t think it’s blowing anybody away. He needs to be in it to win it. Randy told him to get the energy going. Ellen said she couldn’t be prouder if she birthed him herself.

8:15 “Me and Bobby McGee” was one of my favorite Crystal Bowersox performances of the season. I remember being floored the first time around. She was great this time too. She brought a ton more energy than Lee. That’s what you need to do for the finale.

8:22 Simon Fuller chose “Everybody Hurts” for Lee. I could hear how this would sound before he even sang it, and it sounded the same as I expected. Not a bad performance, but not a pitch perfect performance either. There was more energy, but still nothing that matched Crystal.

8:31 Crystal is singing “Black Velvet” as per Simon Fuller’s choice. Wow. She brought the fire on that one. Went for the notes, had the right amount of grit in her voice. The judges loved it. That’s two straight rounds that go to Crystal. George Costanza would wrap himself in that “Black Velvet” if given the opportunity.

8:39 Lee’s first single could be “Beautiful Day.” Zack’s girlfriend has him on a U2 kick. I wonder how he’d swallow that pill coming from Idol. Maybe she’ll take a guess. It’s more likely she reads this than Zack does. I don’t think any of Lee’s performances were good enough to win this competition. Not great, but not awful. Crystal would have to tank her performance for me to think Lee has a chance.

8:49 Crystal’s first single could be “Up to the Mountain.” I can’t wait to hear the rest of her music, if this is the first single. Folksy, with enough gospel and soul to fuel James Brown’s church in Blues Brothers. Randy is right. That was incredible. Ellen said if Crystal made a salad, she’d eat it. Is that a lesbian joke? Simon’s last critique on American Idol? That was outstanding.

My take: Crystal Bowersox will win American Idol, if all is good and right in the world. All three of her performances were better than all three of Lee’s performances. They weren’t anywhere close to the same level tonight.

American Idol Finale Preview

Posted by shore On May - 25 - 2010

@AndyShore The American Idol finale pairs the favorites of this season against one another. Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox were the judges’ pets from episode one. Performances that were decent were called spectacular by the judges last week. It was their only way of ensuring their picks would make the finale. They both deserve to be there. Consistently the best throughout the season, though Lee has grown more in recent weeks. Either has an honest shot at being the next American Idol. The format for the finale goes reprise a previous hit performance, sing a song chosen by show creator Simon Fuller and sing the coronation song. Hopefully it won’t bomb as hard as Kara Dioguardi’s “No Boundaries” did last season. I’ve picked who I think will win, although it might be different than who I want to win. I’ll present my cases for each contestant first. Read the rest of this entry »

American Idol Top 3 Compete

Posted by shore On May - 19 - 2010

crystaltopthree@AndyShore Tonight the top three contestants perform on American Idol tonight. That means Going Home montages and two performances each from the contestants. The first song is a contestants choice. The second is judges pick. This isn’t a live blog, because the Blackhawks are in the Western Conference Finals and it was the second to last episode of LOST ever. Idol is a distant third. Scratch that. You can’t even rank it on the same scale. The Hawks won convincingly. If I’m extra lenient on any contestants, that’s why. I’m going to reserve the blog to my best assessments and funniest thoughts. More than likely the latter. It’s late, and I’m tired. Read the rest of this entry »

American Idol Results: One of Five Voted Off

Posted by shore On May - 5 - 2010

leetopfive@AndyShore Last night, the contestants were outshone by their mentor. Harry Connick Jr. stole the show. He was funny, and undoubtedly helped the contestants more than any other mentor this season. The big band was good, but the singers were only ok. Lee Dewyze was leaps and bounds better than everyone else. Big Mike Lynche and Crystal Bowersox were on the next tier. Aaron Kelly was after that and Casey James was by far the worst. Is it too late in the season to get by on good looks? We shall see. Tonight Connick Jr. performs. So does Lady Gaga. What is the connection to Sinatra (insert male organ jokes in the comments section below). Read the rest of this entry »

American Idol Top Five Finalists Compete

Posted by shore On May - 4 - 2010

idoltopfive@AndyShore I took a bit of vacation from the Idol live blog. Not sure if anybody noticed. Coachella recovery and the desire to see BJ Novak do stand-up played a part. That last week was Shania Twain night also played a part. I was sad to see Siobhan Magnus go, but she had lost the flair she displayed early on. She’s got impressive range and a great stage demeanor and I imagine she’ll land on her feet. That, or @MattSilver will buy a pipe she blows. Harry Connick Jr. didn’t just bring along some of his band for the performances. He’s accompanying them and did the arrangements. Sinatra night should be a hit. Those are classic songs. Read the rest of this entry »

American Idol Top Seven Compete

Posted by shore On April - 20 - 2010

crystaltopseven@AndyShore The only remaining contestants that I could care less about are Tim Urban and Aaron Kelly. Urban has actually been decent the last few weeks, and his looks win him points with the young, female American Idol voting public. Kelly should go home this week. The theme this week is inspirational songs. Alicia Keys is the mentor. I have always been a fan of hers. She’s beautiful, and has a great set of…pipes. I generally like the songs she’s featured on, more than her own material. I hope she can get some of the singers to push themselves vocally. She hits the high notes, and I’d like to see some of these contestants push themselves. Read the rest of this entry »

American Idol Results: Two of Nine Eliminated

Posted by shore On April - 14 - 2010

adamlambertresults@AndyShore Two contestants will go home tonight. Keep plenty of booze on hand, if you’re playing the American Idol drinking game. The tears are sure to be flowing tonight. I put two of my favorite contestants in the bottom 3 last night. I doubt either of them go home. Andrew Garcia is almost a lock to leave. After that, I’m not so sure. Katie Stevens has been on he bottom most of this competition. She may go home tonight. I wouldn’t miss Tim Urban or Aaron Kelly if they went home either. Adam Lambert is performing tonight. We’ll see if he behaves himself on the Idol stage. Hopefully the remaining contestants will learn a thing or two. Read the rest of this entry »

leetopnine@AndyShore The pressure is on this week. Two contestants will go home tomorrow, since Big Mike was saved last week. Tonight’s theme is the music of Elvis. Adam Lambert is the mentor. This week should favor voices like Casey James, Lee Dewyze and Big Mike. Andrew Garcia may continue to find himself in the bottom. I can only hope that Aaron Kelly and Tim Urban find themselves there too. I almost think that the music of Elvis will be easier for the girls. It will be harder to compare them to the original. I’m excited to see what Siobhan Magnus does. She’s been tame the last two weeks. Elvis should be the time for her to let loose again. Read the rest of this entry »

American Idol Results: One of Nine Voted Off

Posted by shore On April - 7 - 2010

bigmikesaved @AndyShore Last night was a surprisingly good night. I did not have high expectations for Lennon/McCartney night. I thought seeing Sir Paul last week would raise the bar. I guess I’m still easy to please. That, or there’s some actual talent this season. Katie Stevens picked herself off the scrap heap with a great performance of “Let it Be.” Crystal Bowersox kept her position on top and Big Mike joined her with an outstanding R&B version of “Eleanor Rigby.” One of my early favorite, Andrew Garcia, could be in real trouble. Tim Urban and Aaron Kelly were also quite bad. I hope one of those two guys goes home. Seacrest says there are shocking results tonight. We shall see. Read the rest of this entry »

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