Tuesday, October 21, 2014

deaddeadweather 300x200 There was enough water for The Dead Weather at Jazz Fest 2010@ZackTeibloom Never underestimate my Jack White obsession. Why would you? We ran a contest to see how much I’d end up seeing of The Dead Weather show despite the intriguing Van Morrison conflict. Van was scheduled to start at 3:35. Jack, I mean The Dead Weather, at 3:45. Two stages on the complete opposite side of the festival with a swarming crowd. And it had just started to rain.

Either way, I was wearing White Stripes hunting tartan socks*. I was going to catch some Jack. It was just a matter of how much. My biggest fear was Van running late, but he was off and running by 3:32. Well, off and something. I knew I’d be able to tell after a few songs whether we were in store for a classic set or a nostalgia one. By the time “Brown Eyed Girl” was over, I knew. Read the rest of this entry »

jackalisondw 300x199 The Dead Weather @ Coachella: Jack White is so far from his weapon@ZackTeibloom It’s getting discouraging. I know I should just accept that Jack White plays drums and is a back-up singer in the band he’s most committed to. Nope. It doesn’t feel right. I was hopeful the new album would feature Jack coming out from behind the kit and picking up the guitar at least a couple more times. Nope. He’s relegated to one song wailing away on the guitar and it’s by far their best.

The Dead Weather kicked into gear right as The Muse ended a triumphant (but wanking) extravaganza of a show Andy is overrating to the point he thinks it’s better than Jay-Z. It’s almost as big a miscalculation as not having one of the best guitars in the world play more than one song on guitar. OK I’ll pretend to get over it long enough to tell you they did play a damn good blues-rock show that I was captivated for. Read the rest of this entry »

The Jack White Interview

Posted by teibs On November - 11 - 2009

jackwhitemod 300x190 The Jack White Interview@ZackTeibloom That Third Man Record club membership finally paid off. In a big way. Jack White jumped on the  video chat to hype the new singles from his label, Third Man Records. As he put it, “This is a paid commercial announcement from the president of  Third Man Records to his favorite people, on The Vault.” He even answered some questions and he picked three of mine. Yes, my hands are shaking.

Zack Teibloom: I heard you turned down Slash because he wanted you to sing. Who do you want to play with next? Read the rest of this entry »

Jack White Day Winners

Posted by teibs On July - 16 - 2009

jw 300x215 Jack White Day Winners@ZackTeibloom Jack White day was glorious. You all sent some wonderful video and quotes and some of you Re-Tweeted some of my Jack White love fests. Now it’s time to crown the winners.

Best quote:

@hhhancock dominated this category. He wanted it bad. He sent along over a dozen quotes and videos along and kept me pretty busy Tuesday afternoon. All of these are his: Read the rest of this entry »

Jack White Day Contest

Posted by teibs On July - 14 - 2009

deadweathers 300x168 Jack White Day Contest

UPDATE: I’m making it easier to win the RT portion of the contest. Tweet any of following tweets: The one who gets RT’d the most wins.

1. “Jack White isn’t most guitarists.” http://bit.ly/bapjn #FCJW Please RT

2. “Don’t mess with The King. Just don’t do it.” http://bit.ly/AmjHf #FCJW Please RT

3. “Why did those girls yell at Beatles concerts? Then I did it for Jack White.” http://bit.ly/1HPAM #FCJW Please RT

Start tweeting! Read the rest of this entry »

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